Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I was tagged .

My girl NNeka tagged me so here we go.

Accent – Nigerian ,African-American and West Indian
Booze – Strawberry daqries(spell I know)
Chore I hate – Washing dishes
Dogs/Cats – Cats I love,Dogs I can't stand unless its a tea cup
Essential electronics – Mobile Phone PC
Favourite perfume – Perfume Addict, Fav at the moment Sephora's strawberry
Gold/silver – It depends on the day.
Hometown – Baltimore
Insomnia – No, I can usually sleep when I want to or feel like it
Job title – Just graduated so I'm looking for real employment
Kids – None, but I may adopt one day.
Living arrangements – On my own.
Most admired trait- Eye brows, I've had some men ask me if they are real and the shape of my eyes.
Number of sexual partners – Most people don't want to tell but I've only had three. I guess I just have not taken the time to put some real miles on this pu@#$ yet.
Overnight hospital stays – 0, thank God, we don't have universal health care so it can get very expensive here in the US(1,500 dollars a night)
Phobia – Flying insects
Religion - Agnostic, have not taken the time to figure it all out yet.
Siblings - One younger brother that I know of.
I usually awake – Eight hours after I've gone to bed, I go to sleep between 9:00 pm and 4:00am
Unusual talent – I know the names and height of many top models, I can also tell time without looking at my watch(within 15 min.)
Vegtable I refuse to eat – Most of them but I love fruit.
Worst habit – Procrastinating.
X-rays – Yes, my teeth and my chest.
Yummy foods I make – fried chicken(yes I know it is so unhealthy.
Zodiac sign- Capricorn
I'm tagging mimiinnyc@blogspot.com and afrocchic.net

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