Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I need some fun

After reading a recent post of conflicted consciousness, I realized that I too need to get some action this summer. I realized that the sex I had with two of my ex-boyfriends(one in March and the other a couple of days ago)will simply not do. I'm looking for a guy to rock my world. What I am trying to say is that when I look at him I want my body to come alive without having him touch me. Just the thought of knowing what he has in his trousers and what he can do with it will be enough to turn me on. Like any other women I would like for him to have a six-pack stomach, at least 9inches and tongue so smooth that it can give me whiplash. Its very clear that I am only focused on the physical because for now that is all that I want. I still have my youth so I have plenty of time to think about settling down. For now I would just like to meet someone who is fun and exciting.
For all the men out there, yes size does matter, we women just do not like to make you feel bad by saying it does not matter. That said, I've heard some females say that they have been with men who were on the small side, and the guy was able to give them a good time. I have also heard some women mention being with a guy who is blessed but he did not know what to do with it or he was to rough. I, unfortunately have only had partners with small penises (3 if you must know). So I am probably not the one to talk about penis size but I can tell you what I fantasize about. That may be another reason why I am so eager to go out and get my freak on. I can only hope that I meet my dream fling this summer.


A disillusioned Naija girl said...

Wish I could say size mattered as much to me. The truth is for some reason, all the guys I've been with have been massivelt equipped. Though I've only actually slept with a couple, I've seen a lot more dicks than I care to count. In all cases but one, they had these massive dingdongs that it would be virtually impossible to deepthroat. Sex can sometimes be painful with such guys and it's best for you to be on top so you can control things yourself. Oh, and another thing. I don't know if this is related, but most of the guys with big dicks have been Nigerian (who am I kidding, all of them!). G'luck!

Through these eyes said...

Well, well, well..what do we have here? Like i said before in my previous post, if you have been dating men with small dicks then you have to upgrade, sharp sharp. My dear, your problem is that you have been dating short guys. Height is a good judge of what a guys is packing...most of the time. Some women swear by large hands but don't know too much about that. Anyhoo, gotta run.

beautyinbaltimore said...

Actually, I've never sleep with a guy shorter than me. My ex(the one I've been sleeping with) is 6'4 and he still has a little one.