Wednesday, June 07, 2006

I decided not to go

I did not go for my third interview with the high end retailer I wrote about previously.The reason I did not go is its company policy regarding sales people. If a salesperson does not keep up his or her sales(180 dollars per hour) they will find themselves without a job. I was not willing to take that chance. A second reason I didn't want to work there was the scheduling,it would have required me to quit my weekend job. Of course, I didn't want to quit my weekend job. I like the weekend job to much. I guess I will find a second job soon.


brooklyn babe said...

$180 an hour?
Dang what is this Barney or Tiffanys?

I hear you... the best hustle is the hustle that put $180 in your pockets, not theirs!
Bk Babe

Anonymous said...

well, you may or may not have made the best decision. If I were you, I would have tried it for a little bit, ses what it was like and then bail if it things didn't work out (I did that in the past when I worked retail many moons ago).

Also, the weekend job would ahve been happy to let you take off a weekend or two (without pay or as vacation time) while you tried out the other job.

Anyhoo.... take care of business!

A disillusioned Naija girl said...

Sales isn't such a good job least here in London. I've been there and done that while at uni, and I have to say the pressure on me was just too much. As a black person, I had to prove myself twice over, and when it became obvious that I was bringing in the sales, they imposed unrealistic targets for me (well above the targets for everyone else) and said it was so I could reach my full potential. I know the real reason was so that I wouldn't keep winning the top saleswoman targets, and give someone else a chance. Sales=crap, in my book.