Friday, June 09, 2006

al zarqawi is gone. Good riddance. bin laden they are coming for you next

So they finally caught him. Well its about time. If what we read in the media is true he has caused to many people to suffer unnecessary pain from the death of loved ones, being fatally wounded or having to carry physical and mental scares from the madness that he and his followers have unleashed on the people of Iraq, Jordan and America. That said, I understand that this country is far from the angelic ideal that it tries to portray. I'm well aware that many of the civil wars and coups staged in other parts of world have been because of the envolement of the United States in their personal affairs all in the name of personal interest. I also think this is important when trying to understand why the rest of the world(or so many outside of the U.S.)have such hateful and vengeful feelings against the United States. It is not because they are jealous of our freedoms. No matter how much I can sympathize with the rest of the world's fustration with the United States, I can not however condone such outright violent actions, particularly when most of the people killed were his fellow Muslims. He practiced genocide against his own people. I can not help feeling affected when I turn of the six o'clock news and see an Iraqi man crying over his wife who was killed by a suicide bomber. Yes, these people are of a different race from myself but as a human being there is something deep down inside of us which allows most of us to empathic with other human beings when they are suffering regardless of race,class,and language barriers. For instance, we saw a glaring example of this during Hurricane Kutrina when a poor black man told a white female newrepoter about losing his wife to water from the breached levees. As he told his story his emotions could be felt and heard throught his voice. The newsreporter, who from her time in Jounalism school had been been instructed on keeping her emotions in check when reporting the news in an unbiased fashion found it diffcult to do so.Therefore, when al zarqawi forced so many families to undergo so much pain he and his followers came across as lacking empathy, which makes us human and different from the other animals that roam the Earth .Well, maybe that just speaks about what happens in the psyche of some human beings. Anyway, when are they going to get Osama bin laden. Is there an Osama bin laden, I mean does he relly exist? Give me your comments please.


Coffey0072 said...

I think the "War on Terror" has dragged on long enough and enough of our resources have been wasted.
While the suffering of people in the Middle East is an unnecessary and cruel twist of fate... So is the downward spiral this current administration has caused this country to head towards.
I welcome the capture of Osama Bin Laden with bated breath, but would appreciate the impeachment of our current President even more.

beautyinbaltimore said...

I agree, there was talk of impeaching him but the Democrats in congress backed down because they were afraid that Rebublicans would rally support for the president. I find it really hard to beleive that people actually voted for this man.

A disillusioned Naija girl said...

Y'know, one of my friends talked about this, and said that he sees no reason why everyone's so happy that the bastard's been ended. I harshly reminded him of the unhappiness he's brought to so many lives, both within and outside Iraq. As much as the loss of yet another life is sad and regrettable, I can't help but be gleeful that he's ended his reign of terror, although I am scared of the possibility that in his place a hundred more clueless extremist Zarqawis will rise up to continue his dastardly mission. It's all a vicious cycle really.