Friday, June 23, 2006

The beast part 5( the last part)

The last piece of the puzzle. Five years condensed into five posts, enjoy.
After the beast and I broke up he wanted us to remain friends. I decided to go along with him , after all this was the first man that I slept with. Even though I no longer had feelings for him, for some reason I had a desire to keep him close. Well the beast probably wishes I never agreed to remain his friend now because I went out of my way to give him a taste of hell.
The last pieces of the puzzle finally started to come together when I called his former residence. Unfortunately for him, his roommate answered the phone. She could not believe that I was calling there for him. She informed me that he no longer lived there and he had not lived there for some time. He had in fact moved in with his new girlfriend. Now to be fare to the beast, he told me about two weeks before I called that he had a new girlfriend but he never mentioned living with her(He told me he meet her recently). His roommate was shocked that I had no idea that he no longer lived there. Somehow we started sharing information about the beast and it became apparent that the guy had only told me a 1/10 truth(not a half truth).
The beast had started dating the Nigerian lady well before I broke up with him. He had started having a relationship with her back in September. He was even so bold as to have her living there with him for a while(In the apartment he shared with the roommate). He felt comfortable doing this because he knew that I am not the type to do surprise visits. Can you imagine what would of happened if I had just stopped by without calling. There was one night in November when I had a very real dream about him cheating on me. In the dream a voice said to me if you want to find him cheating go visit him on Wednesday. Wednesday came and I seriously debated with myself if I should go. In the end I decided not to, I did not want to be with him anymore so I thought why stress myself.
I also found out that the other woman knew about me the whole time. He lost a few of his friends because they did not like the way that he treated me. Until this day, he has become an outcast among Nigerians in Baltimore because of his strange behavior concerning this woman. The woman that he cheated on me with, good God,physically she is nothing but a beast. She is taller than me which means she is probably a bit taller than him, very skinny(Nicole Richie -20 pounds),and she does not take care of herself physically(hair and nails). He even had the nerve to complain to me about her lack of upkeep. He asked me what type of relaxer I use for my hair. Now you know I should of volunteered to buy it for her. Yeah, I would have brought the relaxer and mixed a little something extra in it. I would of made that bitch as bald headed as a yard dog.

You see karma is a bitch because this woman is giving him everything he gave me x20. Although he never beat me this woman has smacked the beast across his face numerous times. Keep in mind that they are not African- Americans but continental Africans, this type of behavior is not something she could get away with in Nigeria. She has also alienated him from all of his friends which in part led to him becoming an outcast.
Remember that friend I talked about in part 4, well his girlfriend called the police and had him locked up simply because he came to collect his money from her. You see the friend used his name to buy a house for those two idiots. Now he is wishing that he never did that. They even had a restraining order put on the friend to keep him away from the house.
The new girlfriend is also quite fond of putting him out whenever he upsets her. He has had to sleep in his cab or ask his friends to allow( the couple that he has left)him to sleep on his couch. At one point this idiot even had the nerve to ask me to make a key to my apartment for his silly ass, yeah right. It was only after talking to his former roommate that I understood why he needed the key. The new girlfriend was sooooo jealous of any female around him. She called and cursed out his ex-roommate a number of times. One time she even went so far as to go his apartment and tried to fight her.
One day the bitch and I had our own show down. I had called the beast a few times over the weekend and got no answer so I left him a message. Would you believe that the bitch called me back. A part of me said yes lord, I finally get to talk to this low down creature. She had the nerve to tell me to stay away from her husband. Mind you, this monster was already married to someone else while living with the beast. I was at work but I forgot myself and screamed back at her that he is not your husband. I hung up and immediately ran to the parking lot to call her back. I let that bitch know that I was the one who broke up with him and not the other way around. I also let her know that he cried when I broke up with him. She said that I'm still in love with him and that is why I gave him my lease. I let that bitch know I didn't give him nothing except a swift kick in the ass and a set of hurt feelings. She wanted to get dirty so I let her have it and preceded to tell her how well her so called husband ate my pussy(he was okay at it) and if she knew better she would make him brush his teeth before she kissed him otherwise, she would taste me every time she kissed him. I also thanked her for the money since he was still giving me cash(this is very true) even after I dumped him . Finally, I let her know that she could never compete with me since she is old and wrinkled while I am young and fresh. I guess that was to much for her because she humg up.
I called her back because I was far from finished. She refused to answer the phone. Our conversation hit the mark thought because I would finally get my revenge. How is that you ask, well I told you guys how much this lady loves the police now. She called her friends (the police) on the beast and told them that he beat her( he did not). The police came and arrested him, yup locked his butt right on up. He had the nerve to call people begging them to come and bail him out. Punk bitch, he had the nerve to tell me he was crying in jail because he was so sad and afraid. Now what type of shit is that. I told the idiot he better not do that again or someone was going to make him their girlfriend.

He stayed in jail for about one or two days. One friend and two of his associates went to bail him out, now he is no longer conversing with these guys either. After he got out of jail I had a big confrontation with him along with a few other people. Oh boy did I let him have it. I called him every name in the book and let him know I knew about all of his lies. We talked a few more times after that day.
About two weeks after he got out of jail I decided to mail him a letter(6 pages). I put my address and name as the return address. I did that so that the bitch would know the letter was from me. I decided to twist the knife a little bit deeper. I heard she raised hell at him again because of all of things I put in the letter. In the letter I let her know that I refuse to fight over him, and that in African-American culture in order for women to fight over a man(and hold her head high) he must have at least have one of the following:1.) A big dick 2.) Be very good looking. 3.) Be very wealthy. Since he was none of the above, she could gladly have my leftovers. The beast's greed is what drew him to that monster. He thought that the bitch was wealthy when he met her but he soon discovered otherwise. Money, was basically his whole purpose of dating her in the first place.

He soon changed his number and I changed mine. I have not talked to him since last summer. I'm so happy that he is out of my life but I am still angry that he pulled a fast one on me. I just thank God that I did not have a baby with him because he likes to make them and then walk away. After I broke up with him I found out he has a 24 year old son in Nigeria and three children with some lady in Canada( not his wife). Can you imagine, I was sleeping with someone old enough to be my father the entire time. Oh well, I am sooo much smarter now.
A few months ago the beast had a baby with the bitch. Now you know that baby was beautiful because as ugly as the two of them are you can only get a positive(or pretty baby). There has even been serious talk about him needing a DNA test because the lady was two timing him with someone else. Yes, he even admitted that he would come home late sometimes and find some guy in his house at ten o'clock at night talking to the bitch. She would tell the beast that the guy is her brother but their is no way since they are from different ethnic groups. They are soon to be homeless because the friend has threatened to evict them from the property. They had 30 days and that was about 3 weeks ago, I doubt if they were able to raise 100,000 dollars so they could buy the house in such a short amount of time.

The End
To many men are full of shit, therefore don't put all of your eggs in one basket until you have a winner.


Raymond said...

A depilatory in the relaxer bottle.

Damn, Girl...

Guess I'll just have to stay on your good side.

alissa said...

christ almighty.
that's some ish right there.

be glad to be drama free! enjoy it.

Nneka's World said...


Well thank the lord he is HISTORY!!!!

Wont want to be on your bad side!

A disillusioned Naija girl said...

Ok - this was like an 800 page book severely condensed into 2 pages. So many girls' first relationships have been totally crap - they've ended up taking so much nonsense from these men, even when their minds told them otherwise. At least he's well and truly out of your life. I hope he suffers for real.