Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The beast part 3( getting closer)

After talking with the beast for the first time I felt that he and I had some chemistry, so I told him to call me back on Friday. For the first few months when the beast and I talked on the phone we would talk for hours. It was as if we could never run out of things to talk about. I asked him about his family in Nigeria and he told me that he was raised primarily by his Grandmother. His mother was a teenager when she became pregnant. After the beast was born his Grandmother took over so that his mother could return to school.
He told me during our email correspondence that he was 30. After seeing his picture and talking to him over the phone I asked him again what was his age. He again said that he was 30. For some reason this did not seem truthful to me. During our conversations he would sometimes tell me about his life in Nigeria. He mentioned that he completed his baccalaureate degree there and had a job for a number of years. He had also told me that he had lived in Canada for ten years. Another red flag went up.I did the math in my head and figured that if he had been in Canada for ten years he must have left Nigeria when he was about 20 years old.
This did not seem logical since it takes four years to complete a bachelors degree after high school also in Nigeria, one has to do a year of volunteer work after one grarduates from University. According to his lie(or age) he would have left Nigeria when he was 20. Over the months as he and I talked more I begin to ask him more personal questions. I asked him again if he was married and of course he told me no (big lie,more on that later). I also asked him how many sexual partners had he had. You know what that idiot-liar told me "2". Who the hell did he think he was fooling.
A thirty year old man (Naja man at that) with two partners is like having the wining million dollar lotto ticket. That shit is almost impossible. I also asked him about the size of his penis, this fool told me I would see it for myself one day. I guess he was to ashamed to tell how small it really was.
Eventually we decided that we wanted to meet. Of course he paid for my ticket. I no pay for no man oh(Naja pidgin). I arrived in Montreal, Canada about a year after my first email with to beast. I was nervous the entire flight because I had not been on a plane since I was very young but at the same time I was excited to be away from home. As he came out to greet me in the waiting area I said to myself "he is even more unattractive in person".
I was hoping he would not try to sleep with me during my stay because I was not sure if I could get my body to relax enough to be with him. I think he was so happy to have such a young attractive girl on his arm that he called all of his friends and had them come over to meet(see) me. One friend came over with his girlfriend. In my presence, he treated her in a very disrespectful manner(screaming and shouting at her).
Of course I am human and stereotyping is something that we have a tendency to do.(but it certainly isn't right) Therefore, when I saw his friend mistreating his lady, I said to myself is this how African men treat women? We watched a Youruba movie in which a man beat his wife, the beast and his friend laughed each time the man would slap his wife. This disturbed me, so later when the beast and I were alone I asked him about this. He said " well you know I am from a different culture." I just let it go and decided not to say anything else about it.
I had already told him about how I feel about domestic violence and that he did not want to hit me because I will fight him like there is no tomorrow and afterwards call the police on him. The next set of friends came by a little later. One friend by the name of "olu" decided to tell me how he did not like black people in this part of the world bla bla bla. I tried to debate with him but eventually you just don't feel like having to deal with other peoples ignorance.
After his friends left it was just he and I. He decided that it was now time to put the works on me. He had told me earlier that he had never gone down on a woman before and boy could I tell. That head was awful, shit almost made me want to smack him. That evening we went out for a night on the town.
The next morning we went out again. Later on, in the second day of my stay we came back home and I guess the beast decided it was "time to pay the piper". He kissed me all over my body and grinded his pelvis into mine. I told him that I did not want to have sex and he said okay. We resumed our playing around and he became very aroused. He then begged me to have sex with him. I really didn't want to do it. I guess he could sense that I didn't want to, so he begged me, on his hands and kness in very humble manner. I finally gave in and told him yes. Bam he jumped up and ran to his draw to find a condom. He almost broke the draw in his haste to find a condom.
When he found the condom, I though he was going to have a heart attack or stroke because of the way that he was shaking. When he finally got the condom on, it was showtime. That little dick was as hard as a bullet and ready to blast off like a rocket. He tried to make me relax but is there really a way to make a 21 year old virgin relax. Next thing I know, he was trying to penetrate me. He pushed that little thing inside of me and the worst pain I ever felt burned inside of my vagina. Oh God the pain, he started to move a little and I would scream. When he began to pump faster I would scream so loudly that he and I were sure one of his neighbors would call the police.
As he was pumping away at my body I wanted to beat up every last female friend I had for not fully explaining to me the pain of the first time. I let him go at it for a little while but not for long. I had to stop him because the pain was just to much. He apologized for the pain that he caused. I told him that I did not want to do it any more. He said okay but that was only lip service because he gave me a day off but on the fourth day he was right back at it. He woke me up by kissing me and giving me another round of that awful head. He then told me that he would make it easier for me. By making easier for me he had me put one leg on the dresser and the other half way across the bed. This time it was still painful but not as bad as the first time. We had sex a few more times before I left.
On my final day he asked me if I would stay with him in Canada. The beast even had the nerve to break down and cry. I mean boo hoo like a baby because he didn't want me to go. Before I left we made plains for me to visit again in November because that was when he was scheduled to graduate with masters degree. I went back home and everything pretty much stayed the same between he and I.
I visited him in November as we agreed to but by this time he had moved to another part of Canada which was not as lively as Montreal. We would travel to Montreal for entertainment.I stayed for about a week and our relationship was still on solid grounds. I was more experimental with sex this time around and actually had my first orgasm. I think after the first time I had sex with him I began to have feelings for him. I think there is something to that saying that you always remember your first.
The final time I would visit him in Canada would be a little over a year later. Now by this time I had start to question if I truly wanted to be with him. I was tired of being alone. I wanted a boyfriend within arms reach. During this time I meet two new guys, both of whom I was attracted to. The first was another cabu-cabu(taxidriver), for some reason I was attracting a lot of taxidrivers during this period. The first guyI gave the nickname "pretty boy",he was a very nice looking man. I had a very close call with him. It got to the point were he took of my jeans and panties. I was strong though and managed to quell the urgent need to feel his dick inside of me. Pretty boy was hot as hell(angry). Needless to say , pretty boy and I eventually stopped communicating because 1.) He went back to Nigeria without telling me 2.)He was cheap 3.) I thought he was married.
The previous summer I met a guy by the name of "happy", since I was so in love the beast(or so I thought) I put his number to the side. After I decided to do away with the pretty boy I begin to call happy. I spent some time with happy and felt that maybe he and I would be friends. From the beginging I told happy that I had a boyfriend in Canada who I planed on being with although deep down inside I begin to have questions about where my relationship was really going. I also told him about my upcoming trip to visit the beast. He keep trying to convince me that I did not really know this person or what he was doing in Canada. I should give him a chance instead.
My third trip to visit the beast was horrible. He promised me $500.00( Canadian) to spend for my birthday. He gave me the money but that was the only decent thing to come out of the whole trip. His personality had changed since my previous visits. I guess he was just showing me his true personality. He snapped at me a number of times while I was there. I was sure that when I got back to Baltimore I would break up with him. There was no more gentleness when we had sex either, it was as if he expected me to be a pro.
When I left Canada this time, I said to myself this will be my last visit. After I came back to Baltimore I think the beast realized what he had done and tried to make up with me. He had been asking me for some time how would I feel about his moving to Baltimore. I tried to discourage him from moving here.
Since I decided that I didn't want to be with the beast anymore I begin to pursue a more serious relationship with happy. I had gone over to happy's apartment before but one night I decided to go into his bedroom. This is the night that I decided to give it up. It was three months since I had started to talk to him and about 8 weeks since I had last visited the beast. I was attracted to happy so this made the sex much better in comparison to what I had with the beast.
Now, for whatever reason I swear I think the beast could sense something. When I talked to the beast the day before I told him to call me at 7:00pm. He had called my house at 7:00pm (on the dot )that day and I was not there. He decided to call back a bit later and again I was not there. I think he told my grandmother he needed to talk to me today about something very important so she told him to call back until I got in. My Grandma sold me out, he proceeded to call back every hour on the hour until I got back at about 1:00 or 2:00 am. When I answered the phone he asked me where had I been. I struggled to think of a lie. I finally told him I had been at a party with happy.
For someone who acted as if they didn't like me anymore just 8 weeks ago ,the best sure was emotional. He proceeded to ask me a list of questions about the party and some other things. He said that if I was lying he was going to find out because he had brought his ticket for Baltimore that night and he would be here in two weeks. I was so scared because you know how Naja men like to gossip oh. OH MY, THE SHIT HAS HIT THE FAN.

PART 4- Drama Drama and more Drama(due Saturday).


Busola said...

yup, I sure do, Naija men and their tongues sha, and they have the gall to insult women sayiing all we do is gossip. Anyhoo, what happened next?

beautyinbaltimore said...

Busola, you won't beleive it. It was like a soap opera.

Anonymous said...


Cherub (former Bijouxoxo) said...

Let the drama unfold. We want more.

Anonymous said...

Melodrama guuurrrlllll melodrama!

A disillusioned Naija girl said...

Oh my God!!! Your description of your first time gave me flashbacks. Awful head, pumping away - if not for the fact that they're in separate countries, I would have sworn it was the same guy *eurgh* At least you had an orgasm with him. He really fits the description of 'the beast'.

beautyinbaltimore said...

@Naja girl-If only I would of known how bad it was going to be the first time, I might still be a virgin today.

Anonymous said...

WTF girl. I'm sure you are wiser now that you are older. Stupid Nigerian guys, I'm not sure why Nigerian girls bother with them assholes

beautyinbaltimore said...

@ anonymous 2:12- You had a bad experience with a Nigerian man before?