Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The beast part four(I should of left his ass in Canada).

Two weeks later the beast arrives in Baltimore. I had a friend help me go and pick him up from the airport. This guy was a very good friend and at one point he and I were so close that the beast thought we were sleeping together. I was well aware that he had a crush on me but once I set him up with a friend female I no longer had his attention. Upon seeing the beast in the airport I looked at him and said to myself what the hell is this. The beast stood before me in all of his forty-year old glory wearing a "du rag". Now he had to know he was to old for that shit. He said that he wanted to look like the rappers on tv. Instead, he looked like a geriatric gangter.
He had no one to stay with in Baltimore and little money on him. There was no way he could stay with me and my family, so I had to put him up in a budget hotel for a few days using my credit card to pay the bill. One thing that I can say in the beast's honor is that very rarely did he ask me for money. This was one of the rare instances when I had to spend my money on him.
. To this day I wonder what made him jump on the plane to come down to Baltimore the way he did. Was it that he though I was sleeping with someone else or was it that he was running from something in Canada. During his stay ,I took him around Baltimore to see the sites and help get him familiar with the city. I also introduced him to all of the Nigerians I was close to in Baltimore.
One day during his stay he found his way to a Nigerian restaurant. This restaurant is one of the most popular Nigerian restaurant in Baltimore. It is also known as the "Kingdom of Gossip", Star and Hello magazines have nothing on this place. If there is anything you want to know about any Nigerian in Baltimore, just go there mention the person's name and listen as various Nigerians(80% cab drivers)start shouting off at the mouth. When they are finish talking, you will have enough dirt on the person to write a book.
So I found out latter that night that the beast was at the restaurant sitting beside happy(remeber I sleep with just 2 weeks ago). When my friend told me that, I sear I almost shited in my pants. What is the likelihood of something like that happening. Man I was so scared that someone would say something(about happy and I). I had nothing to worry about thought because happy keep his mouth shut. When I spoke to happy a few days later he told me that they meet. He also told me that the beast was lying about his age he said that there was no way they could be agemates.
Of course in my dumbness, I argued with happy and told him that no, the beast is thirty-three . He keep trying to convince me but I was not willing to listen.The beast told me he had a return ticket, he was scheduled to leave in two weeks to go back to Canada. After going back to Canada, he waited another two weeks and decided to come back to Baltimore. This time it was his intention to stay in Baltimore permanently.
He had one of his friends in Canada hook him up with some Naja guys in Maryland so that he could stay with them. Something happened between the beast and the guys which led to them deciding not to open their home to the beast. I later found out that the beast's rotten reputation led to those guys deciding to take back their offer to let him stay with them. Therefore, on his second day here, I took him to an area where there are a lot of Nigerian cabdrivers and allowed him to state his case to them. He basically begged them to give him a place to stay. You can only imagine how embarrassed I was to have my boyfriend begging people for somewhere to stay. He even went back to the kingdom of gossip, with me in tow, to talk to the owner and beg him for a place to stay.
Somehow, he was able to find someone to stay with. In no time he and his new roommate and problems. The beast felt that the guy was just to dirty and messy. They had arguments about this and I was afraid that the guy would kick the beast out. I told him he had to make the best out of a bad situation. After some time he left the home of this guy and moved in with two young ladies. They told him that he could take over there apartment since they were soon going to Nigeria. What the beast did not know at the time was that the young ladies were planning to kick his ass out when they came back.
While staying at this apartment he was introduced to a Nigerian lady who was staying across the street. She was kicked out by her sister-in-law for what reason I am not quite sure. What I am sure of though is that she became a third roommate of the beast. Now being so young and trusting I truly believed that this young lady was only a roommate. I did however, find it fishy how he just moved her in without knowing her and asking me.
I would later go visit and spend the night at the beast's new apartment(borrowed apartment). I met two of the young women who were staying there. One of the original roommates never showed up during my stay there. I noticed that the newly acquired roommate,(evicted one) stayed in the bedroom while he sleep on the floor. I asked if he was paying the bills why was he sleeping on the floor.He did not have a good answer. The newest roomate was very friendly to me and came across as very decent person but until this day I wonder if the two of them didn't sneak off and have sex once or twice.
I could never again trust a man who has a female roommate. I just refuse to waste my time wondering what he doing or if he is doing his female roommate. This apartment would hold the key to many secrets about the beast. For example, I was there typing up a paper one day when bounty hunters come to the apartment looking for a Naja guy. No it wasn't the beast, it was the boyfriend of one the ladies who the beast got the apartment from that the bounty hunters were looking for.That incident scared the hell out of me because up until that point I had very little contact with the police or law enforcement officials and I wanted it to stay that way.
They asked me some questions and after they looked all over the apartment they left. When the beast returned I told him what had happened and he told me that they had come by a few times before. A few days later, I received another surprise at the beasts apartment. That's when things got really hot.

Someone called and being the nosy person that I am I decided to answer the phone instead of leting it go to voice mail. Well when I answered the phone guess who it was? His wife, the beast had been married for some time. The lady and I talked and we both managed to keep our cool. We exchanged information with each other about the beast, she told me that they had a child which the beast denied when I asked him. She also told me some other things about him. I let her know that I in know way knew that the beast was married and if I would have been aware that he was I would have never been with him. Eventually we hung up and I tried to finish typing my paper. I didn't finish the paper that day(how could I with all of that drama)however, I did go to class that day. I can recall sitting in class and being in a daze because of all I had seen and heard that day.
I returned to the beasts apartment after I finished class and found him in the middle of an argument with his wife. It seems that she called back some time during the day and decided to confront him about my presence.The two of them were arguing big time, they argued so heavily that she got her uncle on the phone to talk to the beast. After, they finished arguing on the phone, the beast then decided to turn his anger on me. He and I had it out for a while and I argued with him for not telling me that he was married. He said he married her under duress from his friends.
He went on to say that they asked him to marry her so that she could get Canadian papers(green card). I asked him why didn't he tell me and he said that he thought that I would break up with him since he was living in Canada and I in the US. For some reason I forgave this fool. Please don't ask me why because I don't know.
All was not good in paradise though because I tried to break up with the beast a few months later but all he did was cry and tell me how could he tell his friends,and that I needed to prove his friends and family wrong about akata(I hate this word)women. We would argue all of the time about his not spending time with me. His excuse was that he needed to work to make money.In actuality,it was more like he needed to work to pay off his trick tab(money spent chasing after women). After a year and a half we were only having sex once every four-six weeks. Although he would lick the pussy if I asked him to.Now you know that shit is not normal. I reported him to his friends about all of his misbehavior.
One of the friends was a snake in the grass. Why, well he was the roommate of happy during the time he and I had our little fling. He went back to tell the beast that happy and I had sex together. This bastard had some nerve since he would later take the beast to Atlanta and hook him up with a Nigerian lady there. He actually sleep with the woman and had the nerve to say that the woman had a nice body but a ugly face. He said she was so ugly that it was hard to look at her. I found out about this trip from someone very close to him after I broke up with him.
He had the nerve to tell me that he was in Florida at the time he went he went to Atlanta. I called his phone for three days and got no answer, he turned his phone off because he was probably up under that woman. Before his close friend confided in me about what he was really doing, I knew that something was not right. He tried to tell me that he was in Florida to go visit a Haitian organization to see if they could help him obtain American papers.
I said to him why would you go to an Haitian organization when you are a Nigerian. He said they could help him too and that he had something for me. Now being the type of person I am, I shut my mouth because I was about to give him a verbal wiping but when the word gift came out of his mouth I shut up. He told me the gift was a voucher with Delta airlines, worth $400.00. Now if you read my top twenty you saw that I love to travel so I decided to play it cool for the time being. Eventually he gave me the voucher and I read it throughly, it clearly stated that I needed him to be present to transfer it into my name. Therefore, I had to stay with him a little bit longer so I could get the voucher transferred into my name.
Two months after he gave me the voucher I finally got him to take me to the airport to transfer the voucher into my name. Thank God, I could finally get rid of him. I stopped taking his calls and began to hang out with ex-boyfriend number three. I remember there was one day that the beast called and I was laying in the bed with ex-boyfriend number three. I let the phone vibrate and acted as if I did not hear the phone at all. When I went home that day I called him and broke up with him, it was a few days before Christmas and my birthday. Finally, Finally, Finally I was finished with the beast. He wanted us to remain friends.His idea for us to remain friends led to his downfall.
Part five coming tomorrow(I promise). I made him wish he never met me.


LovelyMonAmi said...

Where do I begin. my fools only waste my time. This guy seems to waste time money and energy. He didn't have a place to stay. Honey, so where did the you of you get intimate? Not acceptable. Married, for the papers, not acceptable either. More like, married, plain and simple.

The dick must be good. Our your heart if really big!

Anonymous said...

You need to get it together. How are you going to let yourself be so obviously used by a scam artist. You should have dropped him in the first place if you have any kind of self-respect. I blame you!

Anonymous said...

hmm.. i wish you had people around you to advice you. This was obviously a man out to use you. He didnt even have to mask it. Hopefully, you have learnt your lesson, and will not make such mistakes again.

beautyinbaltimore said...

@ anonymous -Yes I have, very much so.

beautyinbaltimore said...

@ lovelymonami- I so wish the dick was good or at least big. That way I could justify my stupidity.
@ anonymous- Believe me, never again will I fall for such bull. I was young at the time and this was my first boyfriend. Another reason he was able to pull a fast one on me was because I do not like to confide in people so I keep all of my problems to myself .

Anonymous said...

don't beat yourself up. you obviouslty didnt have a good support system around you. looks like you still make some bad decisions though... i.e sleeping with the ex. Buy a vibrator instead. drop the losers.