Friday, June 23, 2006

Why can't the United States be more like France?

I really wish we had universal health care in the states.Each year many people have to file for bankruptcy because of medical bills. The reason I decided to write about health care is because my leg has been bothering me lately. I am waiting for my health insurance(2 more months) to start with my weekend job.Until then I guess I will just suffer unless it becomes unbearable. If I lived in France I would not have to wait such a long time before I can even think about booking an appointment to see a doctor( because of cost). That said, I am aware that sometimes the French have to wait to see a doctor because there are so many people relying on the same system. I think though that they are still better off than many of us living in America because we are forced to think about paying to seeing the doctor or gas for the car. I am lucky that my job even offers healthcare. More and more jobs today do not offer healthcare, many young people find themselves taking jobs which do not offer healthcare. I wish Hillary Clinton had been successful in her push for universal healthcare when her husband was in the Whitehouse. What do you guys think?

p.s. I am trying to decide if I should make this blog more academic or should I keep my present style(very well rounded with some academic material through out).


alissa said...

it's because the united states government is a business.

a machine.

and i think you should keep your blog well rounded. there's nothing wrong with a bit of "education" every now and then... but i like reading about people's lives. i'm nosy like that. :-)

A disillusioned Naija girl said...

It's your blog. Do whatever you want. Be petty when you want to, be serious when you want to. It makes you more versatile, and people are better able to relate to you. Make it purely academic and people switch off. If you're not interested in what people have to say, then cool. But if you'd like their input, then just be yourself. You're not under pressure to do anything - remember that. Good luck :-)

beautyinbaltimore said...

@ Alissa and Naja girl, thank you for your input.