Friday, June 17, 2011

Anthony Weiner

Maybe It's just me but I am not all that pissed at Weiner. Showing pictures of your dick online doesn't spread disease  or impregnate people.

Weiner could of avoided all this if he ignored the reporters questions. Every time he spoke to reporters it became pretty apparent that it was Weiner's weiner.

I got to ask, why do men like showing their dicks to women online anyway? Don't most men know that it's very threatening so send a woman a close up of their penis? 


af said...

I wish he wouldn't have lied/backtracked/etc, but he did it... Personally he seemed like a fiery congressman who was good at his job, but he had some personal issues going on. I hope he can work on himself and maybe return to helping others one day.

I'm curious though, how is it threatening for a man to send a woman a picture of his penis online?
You don't like dudes to send you dick pics?

BeautyinBaltimore said...

@afro- a random man sending a woman a closeup pic of his dick is threatening. It is kind of like he is saying that he will use his dick to harm her.

Yea his lying/backtracking is what really did him in. If only he kept his mouth shut.

I can accept a dick pic from my boyfriend but no other man. I don't want some random guy on facebook sending me a picture of his dick.

Cassandra said...

Great to see you still posting. This is a lovely website.

Wonder if Weiner's marriage will survive, but I'm like you since I really don't think what he did was such a huge faux pas. Oh well.

Pucca said...

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