Sunday, January 20, 2008


Video of the day: Snakes in a bathroom

I laughed so hard I began to shed tears. Reminds me of a few Naija guys(read the archives) that I know who are very afraid of snakes.


Saddie said...

The shower scenes are hilarious. LOL.
This should be something that companies can do when people stay in the labortory (toilet) too long when they should be working.

Ancient Kingdom said...

Lol...I hate snakes...:)

Beyond said...

OMG! this is so funny. Bet i would have reacted in a worse manner than some of this ppl as i dread snakes and any reptile so much.
Great post tho.

wienna said...

buahaaaaa.....dat is soooooooooooo meeeeeeeeeeean. I wonder where u get these clips from. I would've had an heart attack o. I hate creepy things.

jamie said...

i hate snakes too, and those bathrooms look disgusting!

portugeuse is such a funny language haha and so are the people who speak it!