Wednesday, November 07, 2007

She said what?

I've had a thatblackgirl expericence today.

I've read the statistics which state that 78% of all black women are overweight, but still.

So I was in the cafeteria with three classmates(two white and one who is 1/4 Asian and 3/4 white) this morning getting breakfast and while we where sitting at a table eating our plates of grease, a very thin striking dark skinned black woman passed us wearing a white suit. Two of my classmates make a statement about how thin(about size 0-2) the black woman was in the way that women do when they are admiring the body of another woman. One of the white classmates make a statement that she was especially thin for a black woman, and laughed afterwards. The second white classmate was struck dumb and just looked at her. the third classmate who is 1/4 Asian would not bring her head up to meet my eyes or idiots(or maybe she did not hear her). I do not hear overt comments like this very often so it really shocked the hell out of me.

Later on I asked the dumbfounded classmate about what the other classmate said just to make sure I wasn't imaging things. Well of course, she made up something else to cover idiot. I can't say I was hurt because I don't expect much from most people but I am angry that she would say that in front of me. Why not wait until she is in the company of an all white group to say those things.

Before my black people jump on me for that last sentence, let me explain. In an ideal world people would not be racist or make those type of course statements. We don't live in an ideal world, so at the very least I say that you have respect for me and keep those thoughts to your self.

Funny thing is, she is obese herself, so she has no room to talk.

She has always been very friendly towards me but today during clinicals she was especially so. I think her guilt was eating her up. Or maybe she is afraid that I will report her to our instructors.

I don't think she is a night rider for the klan, but I do think she has deep seated issues. I think she has a bit of that igorant-racism that most whites have and a little bit of malice based racism too.

I should mention that she told a Japanese man(yesterday) who was born in the US that he spoke excellent English. I quickly steped in to tell her he was American born. He was a bit irratated by her comment. From what I've read and heard this is a statement that American born Asains hear all of the time.


Raymond said...

On the last ¶

I really wish she had said in a thick southern drawl, "You sho don't talk like one of them."

Jezi Brown said...

whites are so ignorant
this reminds me of the dog the bounty hunter scandal


Hahaha. At first I was going to suggest we give the girl some slack till I read about her comment to the guy.

She's ignorant. You should talk to her and explain why she needs an attitude adjustment. Don't let her affect your shine, girl.

Thembi said...

I have a few comments to make, but first, why does ANYONE make comments like "You're really ______ for a ______"???? Theres never a good way to spin that phrase!

jamie said...

i dunno wuh to say, i agree w/ u b in bmore she shude hav waited til she was around a group of all whites.

buh recently ive been thinking about this, if a white person says something offensive does that mean they are a racist idiot or jus an idiot!?

example: i was telling a former coworker about an experience that i had had at a restaraunt and he sed "oh u think they did that b/c ur coloured" i laffd my ass off! i didnt think he was racist, jus a crazy old veteran haha

i think people shude jus hav common courtesy and think about others before they open their damn mouths...

semi-related: i had jus begun my job and the boss @ the agancy says u hav a nice speaking voice i sed "thnks.." when i wantd to say "wtf are u talkn about i only hav one voice, im not a part time sign language user..."

Coffey0072 said...
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Coffey0072 said...

Hm, I'd say U.S. as a WHOLE has issues with weight and obesity. Frankly I don't care about what the statistics say about the black community's eating and health habits. While there is some merit of truth in the numbers... many of us are susceptible to diabetes and other weight related ailments, I think that's becoming a growing universal problem in the West, thanks to globalization and busy on-the-go lifestyles.
Notwithstanding, some of the numbers that track obesity in the U.S. may be slightly over exaggerated, when one considers what the criteria for obesity are and what's considered overweight these days.
Bitch is an ignoramus. And rather than suggest the idea that she say it in front of a group of all white enablers... I think she needs to perhaps diversify her thought process, read a book or two or take some sensitivity training somewhere. That, or keep her mouth shut about matters she doesn't appear to be hip to.

Muze said...

yeah, i would have just told her she's pretty fat for a white girl.

Sugabelly said...

Okay, about the black community weight issues: Unfortunately, you guys inherited that from us (I'm Nigerian). All our foods are fat-based, oil-based, etc, BUT after eating these very fatty foods, traditionally, we would go off and work in farms or whatever from morning to night, so we burned off all the excess fat anyway. You guys however, didn't have to do that (except during slavery of course, and even then i doubt that the young hardworking men were mostly fat), so for that reason, African Americans are more susceptible to these kinds of ailments.

But seriously how daft can you be to assume that all people of a particular race should be a certain weight (REF: she's inordinately thin for a black woman)??

On the white girl: It gets on my nerves that white people tell me I speak very good English. Of course I speak good English...I've spoken it all my life!!!! I speak English ten times better than most Americans!! I'm tired of calling white people ignorant because I find cause to say it every day, and my mouth hurts.

Anonymous said...

Just a white man who stumbled onto this interesting blog, but is disapointed by the comments here. Y'all saying things like "whites are ignorant," (not SOME whites are ignorant) because ONE white woman ONE time said something which you choose to take offense at (although she probably meant none).

Can you spell hypocrisy?

I lived in DC for years (and not the white part), and have dated black women, but knew the whole time that I had NO freedom of speech on racial issues. I always knew better than to say anything, even though they said so many things. And this is an example.

The girl just made an observation, one that isn't disparaging of black women.

BeautyinBaltimore said...

@anonymous- NO, it was not said in a way which was just an observation(ex. stating statistics). We make plently of observtions in nursing classes about race, this was totally different.

"The girl just made an observation, one that isn't disparaging of black women."

She said it in a very minicing way with a very obvious sneer on her face, it was so obvious that another white classmate was shocked. Futhermore, I in no way said that all white people are guility of this type of behavior, I said she was. SOME black people will react in that manner because they have the same experiences over and over and over again.

Anonymous said...

well i have been working for a company that is highly rputable and has a reputation of being one of the most diverse and companies in the world, and i comne across comments that can easily be missenterpreted on my part as racist, but i hae learned to give my coworkers the benefit of the doubt, b/c i believe any demeaning comment towords my race, or color is unitentional

Besides a carcasian female once mentioned i want to get a tan as deep as mike (meaning me), hours later she pulled me aside and apologized for the comment, but i mentioned to her to be more careful and i was not offended but to be extremely careful, b/c she could of taking a very big loss for her comment

Besides i feel that we must all bve honest withourselves and not turn our head to the fact that we live in an America that has racism deep rooted in all aspects of its existance