Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Do you hate black women?

Video of the day.
Remember this fool Launry, checked out his blog some time ago and, not a single black woman. Yet, that fool had the nerve to warn white women that we want their men.

Part of me wonders if there is some type of conspiracy to separate black men and women. The number of "I hate black women" videos on youtube is just to great.


Luscious Librarian said...

Hmmm. Maybe he should have had someone proofread his sexist rant before posting. Can't blame a black woman for that.


Thank you luscious librarian. My sentiments exactly.

Soul said...

I have one question for you, why are you giving this video ratings?
aqnd why are you linking to it?.

The video is crap, he sentiments behind it are crap. to engage with anyone who makes something like this is completely pointless.

It doesn't make sense at all and to engage with people who don't make sense sometimes renders us senseless.

The enn made this will aaybe a victim.
ictim of white man, black man, white woman, black woman, the man, the dog, the gobmint, the neighbours, blah blah blah...
abeg beauty.. don't link to these idiots anymore... it increases their outgoing link rate and gives them stats which they interpret as their 'reach'.

Let them keep on swirling in the shit that is their own pathetic excuse for being.

Keep on doing you and being the best person you can be, and always poit lla refuse to settle for less.. regardless of what the package is.

(oh and on a side note, i'd betya 10bucks, the person who authored this video is 'dating a white chick' because obviously, white womenhad nothing to do with killing black men' lol

I wish they'd just collective shut the hell up and date who the hell they want without making an issue out of it.

If they hate black women soo much, why are they concerned with the white men some black wwon are dating..
They keep flaunting that 70% stat in black women's faces and when black women say okay... cool I'll go date someone else.. they get all up in arms..lol
waste of spaces... the entire bunch of them

Always.Funky.Fresh said...

I couldn't even watch the whole thing but despite all the bullsh*t, nonsense rhetoric, I'd take a black woman over any other woman any day...

Anonymous said...

This doesn't have to do with your current post, but just wanted to say thanks for all your expat blog links. I come often to your blog, just to even see if you have updated them.

I am at a point in my life, where I just might give up this consulting gig, mega cash and all, and pack my bags and settle somewhere on this awesome planet, and those blogs help.


BeautyinBaltimore said...

@anonymous- You are very welcome. So where do you plan on going to live. I emalied a couple of the bloggers on the live abroad blogs, so some of them are open to helping out if you need help or have questions with resetling. Keep me updated on your plans please.

BeautyinBaltimore said...

My dearest Soul,

I love to read your comments because you tell it like it is and hold your words for no one.

The reason I decided to post this video is because there are so many videos like this floaing around youtube. It seemsthat we(black women) are becoming the scape goat for everything that is wrong in this country. Have you picked up on this also.

I don't believe we should put our heads in the sand simmply because videos like this make us feel uncomfortable. I look at this video the same way I look at the things I see on the white power sites.

"oh and on a side note, i'd betya 10bucks, the person who authored this video is 'dating a white chick' because obviously, white womenhad nothing to do with killing black men' lol"

There is no bet there because I agree with you. Notice it was only the blackwoman and white men who are evil.

jamie said...

binbmore that video is crazy....
i dun date women, i dun frig women, buh i sure enuff dont hate any specific race (least of all my own!)

this guy needs to seriously get a life, just b/c a blk women wudent giv him some play, he's acting like they are all bad, well guess wuh!? there are bad blk women, there are bad white women, there are bad mexican men, there are bad iranian men, race/sex has nothing to do w/ it, people are bad b/c they want to be bad!!

leave race out of it, and ur arguements obatin slightly more validity....

Soul said...

My dearest Beauty,
I have said it before that if one is looking to make sense of most of the commentary on youtube, one willrun ones self into the ground.
Same thing with the videos.
I hate to say this, but the ability to garner an audience brings out the crazies..and youtube brings out a lot of hte crazies.

What you have is a heck of a lot of disgruntled men and women who are looking for a platform to blame everyone else to blame for their problems.

They spend all their time compiling this shit and sit there waiting for an arguement, waiting for someone to challenge them so they can battle it out.
you cannot argue with crazies... let them be crazy but don't give them any airtime.

Black women have always been blamed for everything, and previously we used to give a shit and work/cowtow to and bow down for shit just so that we don't get the blame...
but thankfully lately black women are waking the fuck up.
We don't give a shit.. we are doing us. Cos we realised that the very people we were propping up have been acting a damn fool!.

i agree with you, we shouldn't put our heads in the sand. I have no problems addressing things that make sense. But this doesn't. and this person is not worthy of your time or your audience (i say that respectfully because I value you).

Seriously, a madman can spout shit, what do we do? do we argue with the mad man? or do we run away even further from him? and get some money together to put his crazy ass in an asylum thus removing him from harming or insulting other people.

I would chose the later...
beauty, the video didn't make no damn sense, the stats are wrong and all over the place, it sounds like a mad crazy ass person.
Yes I think black women are under an increasing attack, but I think it is largely because sisters are doing da damn thing! and largely not taking any prisoners...

this idiot is saying that black women are the most rejected women on earth... okay fine?. And then what?
What does he want? a biscuit?
So black women are the most rejected women on earth, yet he takes the time to make a youtube video about it?.

Beauty, I save my battles for people who make sense. This one doesn't even begin to make the 'S' of sense.

Yan said...

Wow! That was the vilest thing I have seen in a long time. I can't believe I watched the whole thing. I especially love the bit about how we gave ourselves AIDS. Black women will continue to be looked upon with disdain until their SONS are their first priority.

That says it all right there. Not themselves, not their daughters. The real problem is that black women stopped being satisfied with their needs always taking the back seat and getting the short end of the stick.

Anyway, thanks for visiting my blog.

Ozymandias said...

hey, nice blog. Have to come back and read your posts. thanks for stopping by as well.

DMB said...

Hi BeautyinBaltimore!
And you certainly are gorgeous! Thanks for linking to my blog. As for the video, to be honest, I couldn't watch the whole rant. This person obviously has a mental situation that needs attention!

The Pussy Cat Bitch said...

Hey babes, I'm back. I love your new pic. Looking fab.God I miss visiting your blog.

Raymond said...

Part of me wonders if there is some type of conspiracy to separate black men and women.

I have a friend who is a white woman and mentioned wanting to date a black man years back. Her mother told her she shouldn't because black men would spoil her for white men. Then her grandmother said something I found curious from a logic standpoint. She said that a black woman was elevating herself by dating and marrying a white man, but a white woman was lowering herself by dating a black man. It is then that I realized that the conspiracy is not only to separate black women and men but to destroy the black man by assimilating the black woman.

BeautyinBaltimore said...

@ Pussycat- I'm happy you are back
@ Raymond- You made some very good points.

Ms. Confessions said...

What the fuck is the first thing that came to mind.

Clearly this person doesn’t know enough rational and intelligent black women.
I don’t even think this is a black person, regardless of their skin tone, who wrote this. This came from someone hiding from himself or herself and full of self hate, so they thought it would be cool to degrade and demean the black woman.

I laugh at and pity the loser who finds this even slightly amusing. You need a hug, preferably one from your momma.

James Tubman said...

the one lesson that every human being should learn in life is the only way to truly be happy is to be blameless

don't blame anything or anybody for anything

everything is what it is

the question that all of us should be asking is how can black men and women learn to get along with each other

and fortunately i have dedicated my blog to primarily answering this question

anybody who's reading this should check out my posts on men and women and our differences on www.thetubmansolution.blogspot.com

you may or may not like it

thank you posting that provocative video

i hope you check me out sometimes


xXNubianQueenXx said...

I'm xXNubianQueenXx-
And I approve this comment.
Black Women have enjoyed an immunity from criticism and
man-bash all day but are
outraged when their men join
up with sistahs who DO blame
the white man and don't defend
white men as so many of us are doing these days!
Go watch part 2 and see how I
offer solutions which u haters
gonna put down as well.
Us women have faults too!
We have neglected our sons too
long. we don't have to focus on our daughters and our selves alone,
we have enough love in our hearts
for all that come forth from our wombs, even our male children.
Let's break the conditioning and
raise intelligent disciplined sons
Peace and Love, come leave me comments on YouTube.

The Nubian Crew (-:'

Anonymous said...

Who made that?! What a load of bollocks!

CW said...

Thanks for posting this video...Like one of the previous posters stated it will boost the directors "youtube" ratings...So what?...You're bringing attention to the damaging material frequently being peddled about Black women...I've addressed this video on youtube as well...I am also glad 2 have discovered your site...Added u to my blogroll...