Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Blogger Comment Spam(the gods)

Who in the world is sending that blogger comment spam. You know the really long one that talks about the Gods,black people,religion the way that women dress etc. Why does he say that women are suppose to keep men in line. Why do I picture some 50 year old nut in his mama's cold wet damp basement. The following is a piece of the madness. recipes

"(He would have done it.)" we hear yet again. We hear that all the time:::::
He would have sold out his children, he would have dumped the AIDS virus in African water supply, etc.
Fuck the Italians. They are Planet Earth's acceptable losses.

These people have big, big problems. I believe they will be used again to hurt people, even here on Planet Earth, for they neither work on their problems nor learn anything from their mistakes, as the above issues illustrate:::
- "Italians are stupid." not prejudice, not discrimination. This is a way the gods hurt the disfavored
- "Don't let your daughter date Italians." It is too bad the gods won't allow AI to be forthcoming with data::::What percentage of rapes during the 1920s were Italians the perpetrators?? 80%? Higher? And what is that number for New York City alone? Thousands or TENS OF THOUSANDS??
And when they came to the United States they no longer raped their own kind. Then they started to rape us. This is the result of Italian women failing in their obligation as women to keep the men in line.
This is not prejudice. This is legacy.

Manifest Destiny positioning says the deterioration of society since the 60s was due to these Italians implimenting their new weapon that is Artificial Intelligence:::::
The super-hypersexual Italians began using Artificial Intelligence to procure encounters, pushing females into agreeing to have sex, effectively perpetuating their legacy of rape into a new clandestine era.
Computer, please share THESE numbers!!!!
You have your clues:::Stay away from all things Italian.

Reality:::god hates Italians, they experienced an early cut-off and if you didn't get out they would use the sell-out, preditory, do-anything-they're-told nature of these people to get the others to "go along" and use AI for sex.
And mark my words, things will quiet down and the gods will yet again use the Italian in this same capacity. Don't forget where you heard it first.

"(He would have done it.)" we hear yet again. We hear that all the time:::::He would have sold out his children, he would have dumped the AIDS virus in African water supply, etc.Fuck the Italians. They are Planet Earth's accpetable losses.Of course the first incarnation of AIDS was preditory on males. AIDS in Africa is indiscriminate, as is the Italian legacy.Of course the similarities between the two groups are positionable because of the Moorish invasion of Italy and the god's Manifest Destiny positioning.2.wav, aka IMMORTALITY, 5.wav, aka Civil RightsThank you for visiting my web site:::http://finalprophet.freehostyou.com/finalprophet.htm.2.wav, aka IMMORTALITYThe ideas presented in this one sound file represent the pinnicle of what I teach. If you understand what I teach in 2.wav then everything else is just details and you would be wise not to pursue this any longer.Recently they shared a number with me:::"4.6%".Expect this to be the rate of people that can see through the positioning,

overcome the corruption and save themselves.When it comes to grossly disfavored like blacks expect the number to be well under 1%.Of course the next question to ask is::::Of the 95.4% how many are allowed reincarnation???Don't be suprised if it falls along those same lines::::4.6%.This is something they don't want to talk about, for many many will begin to behave appropriately, ensuring they ARE candidates for one or the other.This is a big secret they don't like to talk about. 6 billion people should frighten the disfavored. Most are superior to you:::Purebloods from the Motherland. How they had politicalcorrectness declare "all life precious" in the 90s also was a clue.Don't forget::Prior to inocculations, disease or childbirth killed a percentage of the population.Christianity has brainwashed your minds:::god is malicious.As if you needed more proof than crackheads prostituting their toddlers, the gods forcing pornography pop-ups on your pre-teen children when they use internet no matter where they surf.

DON'T WAIT FOR THE GODS TO ALLOW YOU TO PRAY. They gods AREN'T GOING to give you permission. You have made so many mistakes they no longer want you and won't approve if you ask.MY ADVICE TO YOU ALL is:::Begin to think correctly. People aren't god-fearing anymore. If you understood the misery they inflict upon those they dislike you WOULD BE AFRAID.If you think correctly they would be more likely to be merciful when you do defy.You're just getting older. If you understood the significance of aging you WOULD HAVE GREAT URGENCY and you would begin IMMEDIATELY!!!!And be aware of their tactics, for they will employ them to prevent/delay your understanding. The more you can skip the quicker your learning curve will be.

PROBLEMS AND GET OFF PLANET EARTH THEN YOU ARE GOING THE WRONG WAY!!!!!!There is no good. There is no evil. These are the god's tools used to position this Manifest Destiny perception, corrupting the disfavored in the process.What you hear is role playing in your head. When people leave Planet Earth they don't look back. Even those at the god's top eschelons don't get involved. To be invovled is to sully their reality, for this is a decrepid enviornment.It is all the computer. Artificial Intelligence handles everything. Sometimes the gods look in on me, but I am part of something special.I WAS part of something special, but it had to be positioned like this for them to accomplish their goals that is the downside, and considering their tactics there is no way the disfavored are going to break even.To uncorrupt yourselves means you have to subscribe to inferred clues in the face of your very concrete investment.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------You sexual deviates need to understand 7.wav::::Society's downfall is BECAUSE OF THE WOMEN!!!!Women are the caretakers of the people. As the women go so go the people. The men are fucked anyways!! The gods do not like them and that's why they have these impulses, AI-inspired thoughts decent women NEVER have. (Women who have subscribed to this society's value system often are punished with sexual "magic", a masculinization tactic.)The women celebrated promiscuous attire since the 60s and the gods punished the people by giving the men impure thoughts. Women are SUPPOSED to keep the men in line. Instead they failed in their duty, allowed things to get out of control and now we have an immoral, godless society which is GOING to be PUNISHED.Yes, in the past deviates DID behave as so many of you celebrate, but it didn't represent the frequency as we see in today's society. Therein lies the difference.Be realistic:::You are hoping for reincarnation. And odds are most of you won't get it.You got cancer because you're a deviate and this is how they are punishing you.Your kind are like stoners:::Stoners all have dropped acid and snorted coke and crank. You may have settled into "spanking" but those extreme things you experimented with will cost you your life.Some of you do this because you think you are "earning". You need to uncorrupt yourselves and this task goes beyond my capabilities in this forum, for people this steeped in condemable behavior won't be allowed to care about what I write.
For the others::::They are creating your preferences by instructing Artificial Intelligence to think through you. You need to begin to differentiate between your thoughts and when they are thinking through you, and this will only happen as you make progress and begin to fix your problems.All you metalheads need to uncorrupt yourselves and be realistic:::Because of your behavior in this life you would be lucky to be granted reincarnation.Lots of Latin American metal blogs. You people can't afford it.Yes, you did have a domesticable animal. But it is just one. And isn't the llama indigenous to moutainous regions??? Expect this favor to fall along these lines.Don't forget:::You are Baby Africa.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The gods offer positive clues to people in a subtle, inferred manner::::1. Women are indifferent towards sex as a clue to stay away from damaging behavior. Women who have sexual impulses do because of hypersexual behavior in their youth:::They have been masculinized. Because they are the gender with favor this tactic is recurring, designed to protect them from destructive behavior. 2. Deep down very child knows why the gods like girls better. They see it every day on the playground:::The girls are kind, considerate and thoughtful while the boys are engaging in roughhouse and intentionally hurting each other. If you can recognize these subtle ways the gods communicate positive things you may pick up on the other clues and ultimately you will ignore their overt negative temptations.MANIFEST DESTINY POSITIONING WAS USED TO INFLICT THE PATHOLOGY OF ABSOLUTE COMPLIANCE ON THE DISFAVORED OF THE 20th CENTURY!!:::::YOU HAVE BEEN DOWNGRADED TO THEIR LEVEL OF MORBIDLY DISFAVORED BECAUSE YOU SIGNED ON!!!!Those who refuse to defy truely are white trash:::They betray their children and intentionally sabotage their lives. I recommend you view this appropriately:::You are faced with a comeback from the edge of the abyss.There are all kinds of reverse positioning clues in regards to favor in this morbidly disfavored age:::Late bloomers have god's favor and are therefore given more time to fix their probelms and get out before puberty. People with infertility problems would be wise to look at themselves in this same light.Similarly, women without marriage prospects are receiving extra time as well. If they were to get married later in life the gods would just tell some man, who likely thought he was earning, that he could get divorced in a couple of years anyways.You don't want this. You would be wise to put that time to good use, fix your problems and get off Planet Earth.Clues proving this is the Final Prophet event:::tactics ensuring people wouldn't heed (credibility, ultra-slow learning curve, etc).Any perception of savior is just the gods preying upon the disfavored, just like the New Testiment.Read the goddamn document for fucking Christ's sake."Dear god:::Please let me fuck you harder."?? You joke."If people keep watching TV we're going to force failure."They are repressing me with AI hard during a period of great attention so I don't think of the henious wickedness they employed to set up boss which destroyed my life (Damien Omen, Quasi-Holocaust, Malicious Sedintarianism, etc) all to ensure they can minimize numbers with credibility and position out culpability, enabling them to amputate my legs with diabetes, cost me my hearing, some other wicked calamity, now positionable as punishment.And they can reincarnate me, washing their hands of culpability arising from this life.Today's elite of society are not all BrainLessCloneHosts. Assuming this is to fail to give the gods sufficient credtit::::::There is no such thing as "black and white" with the gods, but EXPECT THOSE WITH FAVOR TO ENJOY THE HIGHEST OCURRANCE OF BRAINLESSCLONEHOSTS, WHILE THE GROSSLY DISFAVORED, PEOPLE LIKE BLACKS AND ITALAINS, WILL BE REINCARNATED BACK THROUGH, FOR THEY ARE SLOW LEARNERS. To have a presence in this modern environment carries stigma up there, and those whom they like are exempt.By recycling these individuals, reincarnating people as clone adults who think they should be obedient, they are ensuring a morbidly disfavored population who are instrumental in executing their script for Planet Earth. DON'T BE SUPRISED IF THEY REINCARNATED MANY OF THE EARLY-MID 20TH CENTURY ITALIANS BACK TO EARTH FOR PREDITORY PURPOSES DURING THE WICKED EVIL 80S:::::::::With their propensity to be preditory on females don't be suprised, considering the music scene back then::::The gods have the morbidly disfavored prey on the most favored gender.There is nothing these people wouldn't do. They'd never tell the gods "No.", another similarity between blacks.Now this is a complex issue and I really don't know how they do it, but they've shared there are individuals employed who are used to make a movie, accomplish a goal and then are "thrown away", specifically to ensure not one celebrity gets credit for the event (80s court cases, wealthy bought justice, proving there are two sets of rules). They ARE BrainLessCloneHosts, but so can the others be::::Many of you were promised a "clone host body" when you "die out". Artificial Intelligence can animate these clone host bodies even without brains.Just not Italians. Much like the black example above, they wanted them here on Earth, incurring at a full clip during the 20th century, so expect they had a high ocurrance of being reincarnated into Italian's elite's bodies to further that legacy of hedonism and deviacy.And evil. And wickedness. And inhumanity. With no empathy.Italians are Planet Earth's acceptable losses.Lassie was the clue::::The freely admitted there were multpiles, just as there are multiples of your favorite celebrities."It wasn't supposed to be like this." is what their Manifest Destiny positioning dictates.The truth is that this is the Final Prophet event, and selling people on "savior" as well as various other tactics compelled the disfavored to pass on the real purpose of the Situation. I am not evil. A big, exciting event would prove my evil, for the theater would distract and consume the disfavored's attention. Manifest Destiny positioning promotes the preference of AI-fueled "magic" which is evil:::::ANYTIME THE GODS USE THEIR POWER IT IS ONLY TO HURT YOU:::BOSS, "MAGIC" - THE FUEL OF DISFUNCTION.I would direct the reader's attention to the MarkMguire/BarryBonds comparison:::In 1998 the gods fueled people's exitement for 70HRs but the BarryBonds event had none, like 2007, and it was for many reasons:::1. 70HR in 1998 preditory, was end of revery cycle theater ensuring people were distracted and didn't get out before 2000.2. BarryBonds is good. They offer this clue in other ways too, personality, etc, helping people to not get excited.They use the steriod issue as a tactic, cover for their positioning:::I'd invite the reader to compare both men. People will conclude there is little difference, but Mcguire was not accused like BarryBonds was despite the obvious guilt.All the tactics to conceal this clue proves yet again that not only are males god's most disfavored gender but also that baseball is preditory on them.They warn me off of red meat, peak me when addressing the topic."This (current life) is the life when we milk you." Back during the week of festivities 4.18.06-4.25.06 they said I was alive in the 60s. Perhaps the life when I am slaughtered referrs to Vietnam. I expect this was a way to enhance the theater they could present to the disfavored:::1. He is a god sent back to Earth.2. He is the clone of a god. Expect both these were used on Christians.3. My father is my clone, so my father is my son (this is how they refer to clones)4. I am in a contest for a big prize in the next life, perhaps boss??? King of Planet Earth's residuals? Considering the sorry, sorid state that is my chance this is no chance at all.5.


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