Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I learned something new today

Things bigger than me

I am aware that I have an international crowd who read my blog, therefore there maybe be issues that go on in one community that people in other communities are unaware of. In case you guys have not read about the Jena6, here is a link for you to read because I think this blogger was one of the first to read about the students and she did a very good job in her write up . The funny thing is, Vanitypages is not a political blog but more of a fashion and lifestyle type blog, so big shout to Eddie Nicole for doing such a good job.

I find it strange how many people(black specifically) are so very concerned with Micheal Vick but are not thinking about the plight of the Jena 6. I think it tells you where some people are mentally that the life of a dog is more valuable than a human. I think the case is important because it tells you where we are socially in some pockets of this nation.

I want every black person to read this story and try to do what you can do to help these children even if its only a five dollar donation. If you live in America and you are black, you became African-American upon your arrival because no one cares what village your father came from, what dialect ou speak or what island you lived on prior to entering this country. To put it better we are all in this together. For all of my nonblack readers that last sentence includes you too.


I learned something new today . I learned how to take blood pressure readings(very difficult) and pulse(a little difficult). I also learned how to move patients and how hospital beds work. Many RNs in nursing homes(and maybe hospitals) make the techs and CNAs do the moving of patients and bathing of patients in the same way that many Pharmacists make the Pharmacy techs do most of the work. I guess that is why it pays to have more education. I won't be that type of RN of course, I plan to help my APs(assisting personal) as much as possible, although if I am washing 80 year old Mr. Johnny and his flag begins to stand at attention, I am going to fly out of that room(hehe).

I have my first exam on Monday, a bit nervous but as long as I study I think I should be okay. No more blogging once a week, I will blog whenever I have some juice to share or I learn something I want to share because I have more free time now since I don't work nearly as much as I did previously.

To bmore readers

Keiffer Mitchell's father is really fucking him over isn't he, and then some parents wonder why their children hate them. ai guess he don't want his son to be mayor.

Another set of Grandmas' walking it out. Why does this song go so well with this 1970s video. Someone please tell me why.

This guy is a youtube legend, I am sure most of you know about Reh Dogg or as I like to call him Yankee Baba Kekere.


Jezi Brown said...

I read about the jena 6 on ybf and anderson cooper did a show on it. Its weird that it hasnt recieved mainstream attention except maybe in the locality. i do agree that africans are identified as african americans when we come here.
good luck with exams!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with exams. I did read about the Jena6 in the past. It's such a sad issue that showcases the reality of the unjust world we live in. This is the dominican_enigma by the way, for some reason i can't post under my name.

Anonymous said...


Good luck in nursing school. I'll spare you the real world experiences with Tech's and/or AP's who don't do their job and leave it to the RN's. My girlfriend is an RN and comes home at least once a week about her problems with Tech's. But nursing is a good profession and after you've built up some experience you can go work for an agency and make good money.

femme said...

really didnt know about jena 6, so u just sent me on a long Google ride.

good luck with your exams.


Read about Jena 6 at YBF and was shocked to have not heard of it previously. Now, I hear about it on my local Black radio stations. People need to wake up. Just because you have a credit card, live in a nice house and drive a nice car does not mean that issues like racism and injustice do not exist here in the U.S.

This Yankee baba Kenkere gives me the creeps....
Hope school is okay?

Anonymous said...

I've been keeping on top of the Jena 6, and reh dogg for a minute, I too wonder A LOT why that video goes with them busted ass fosse dancers, you too got a nice thing going on here, I'll be sure to check more often