Monday, September 03, 2007

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Thank God I have a day off. Nursing school is becoming just a little stressful. The most important thing is to keep on top of all of my assignments and everything should fall in place. That means I must become super organized and make time for studying only.

Youtube Videos

For the football fans this video is for you.

Ladies with natural hair, do you hear these type of comments all of the time.

Good Blogs:

Reggie with good credit is the blog of a young African-American male who has worked hard to clear his debt. You should check him out for money tips.

Rhymes with Snitch is a gossip blog that goes a little harder than the other popular African-American blogs.


The Mistress said...

Rhymes with Snitch is one of my fave blogs ever~

Soul said...

I get weird comments a heck of a lot. Or sometimes presumption that my hair is made with extensions. It's cool though.
It's weird comments from black people that drive me nuts. Like..
'oh I could never go natural, my hair is too tough.. you are soo lucky!'.

Or people who presume my hair makes me any more 'down with the cause'
or from people who think that I'm some earth mother type princess because of my hair..
or those who presume that just because I have natural hair, I have a problem with all people who perm their hair, or have weaves e.t.c.
Dang! It's just a hairstyle choice, I like natural hair, I see no reason to perm my hair if I did I would. If I felt like it, I'd perm it tomorrow if I wanted.. but I really like my hair the way it is so I won't.

afro jamaicano said...

us blaks in america get upset by any likkle ocmment, buh think about wuh blks in hispanic and european countries hav to put up w/...

some people over there are classless idiots...let them pull something like that here in the NFL, wudent they be insulting 90% of the players...

also this post might interest u: i saw this program lastnite on pbs and maybe u can set ur tivo and catch it this thurs @ 2am....

Jezi Brown said...

i was thinking about the natural hair issue. I think overall white people dont understand our hair. my white class mate cant understand braids too. good luck with nursing school

just came out of being a full time lurker :)

BeautyinBaltimore said...

@ soul- Do you visit the napprality forum? There is a thread there talking about the sterptypes of natural women. YOu just named a number of them right off the back. When I was natural I had a few thrown at me too.

BeautyinBaltimore said...

@Afro, no Tivo here but I will try to catch that program. Thanks for the link.