Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Alexxis tyylor is telling the truth!

Alexis Tyylor is back and this time she has a message for gay men. Not safe for work!


afro jamaicano said...

wearing depends b/c they a-hole has fallen out

leave them all over there giv them a damn krystal snack, a hamburger

they hav this addiction to having these black boys put they diks all in they mouf, bend and dominating them and bustin they a-hole out

rationing out the throat

suk a dik up until they hiccup

let them bend them all over da bed, give em all that ssi/social security check!

taking damn fifty ft. diks up they ass

alexyss: everybody taken damn diks up the ass except for me
her mom: i won't be trying that either

haha alexyss is the truth!! she knwos the game!! she knows wuhs up

afro jamaicano said...

sorry for the semi-grafic language haha!! oh and i voted for u in the black weblog awards under the "best personal blog" section! good luk!


Lola Gets said...

I LOVE that woman!


OMG!!! This woman is whoa!!!
"Old men in pampers!!!!"

And, I can't believe she is doing this with her momma!

I'm forwarding this to my friends because we are constantly laughing about this woman.

demola said...

I love Alexxis... she is funny as hell... she also speaks the truth...