Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tagged (8 things about me)

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I was tagged by Model Minority(a hip brilliant law student).

1. A few months ago I wrote the health is wealth post and I mentioned that my cholesterol was slightly elevated. Well the actual numbers are good cholesterol-80 and bad cholesterol 110. Which gives me a total of 190 so although my total is under 200, the bad cholesterol is above 100. I have read about people who have bad cholesterol levels higher than my total cholesterol level and they are in danger of a heart attack,heat disease and/ or a stroke. I getting it together now before it becomes worse.

2. I failed to mention in the heath is wealth post that the doctor informed me that I am in the pre stages of type II diabetes. I not sick as of yet and I don't have to take medicine because my body is still functioning normally but one day, things may change if I don't make some changes immediately. My diagnosis shocked me but at the same time I kind of sensed it. I noticed that before the test results came in I became irritated whenever someone around me would talk about having diabetes or knowing someone who has diabetes.

Most people who are in the pre stage of diabetes will develop the disease within ten years if they continue the same eating and exercise patterns. Blacks,Asians(including Indians)and Hispanics are at an increased risk for developing the disease. Some of the information that I've read have hinted at the heavy meat(chicken,beef,pork and to much fish),no vegetable , fructose corn syrup American diet. In America many of us eat vegetables only when they come on our burgers.
I think that one of the reasons people of color are suffering from this disease is because traditionally, people of color ate diets with plenty of fruits and veg tables in contrast to Europeans who ate fewer because the environment was not hospitable to growing a lot of fruits and vegetables. So people of European ancestry have bodies which are better able to withstand the type of diet(lacking in fruit and vegetables) that many Americans eat today.

The only person in family who is diabetic is my Uncle(the slimmer of my two uncles) and my mother said that my great-grandmother was also diabetic. Although I am heavier than I need or want to be I am very shocked to find out that I am in danger of developing diabetes. I see people who are soooooo much heavier than me and they do not have diabetes nor are they having problems with their knees. This disease is more a problem for people who put on weight in their stomach area and I don't put on weight in my stomach area easily.

So it looks like I may have to put in the work for that size zero after all.

3. I am learning to walk in high heals. Soon I will be strutting with the best of them.

4. As excited as I am about getting into nursing school I am also afraid of flunking out. The nursing program is not like other academic programs in which you can retake a class until you pass. In the nursing program you get one chance to do a retake and that's it. I've heard horror stories of people flunking out in their last semester. I pray that I won't be one of them.

5. I don't have a problem with Ebonics. I know that a lot of black people do, most notably on the blogspehre. I understand and agree that black people must be able to speak and understand standard English if they want to be successful in America and it is also important to be able to speak standard English when coming into contact with people for whom English is not the first language. Ebonics is to African-Americans what pidgin English is for Nigerians. Language is a very important part of culture and this is why Europeans thrust their languages on the Africans they colonized. When you lose your language you lose an important part of your culture. I hope our people don't fall for the "okey doke" on this issue.

Some African-Americans would ban other African-Americans from speaking the language if they had their way because they think the dialect is embarrassing and just another thing for white folks(some) to use to discriminate against African-Americans . I believe that no matter what we do, there will always be some whites who will look for things to use against us. If everyone of us spoke standard English and had a degree, believe me, they would find something else.

We, African-Americans are to America what the untouchables are to India ,and don't ever let anybody try to fool you into thinking otherwise. Have you ever noticed the way you are treated by foreigners(some) from other parts of the world. Very often it is in a very different manner than the way that they treat white people. You may pick up on this when you patronize little mom and pop type stores. How do new immigrants know which groups are deserving of respect and who are not. Think about it

6. The first man to put his lips on my body still has a hold on me. I am sure I wrote about him in my first post about the Beast(check the archives). I cannot put into to words the feelings that he had running throughout my body except to say that they were utterly toe curling. When I am using my plastic happy stick I only need to think of what this man did to my body and I am shaking in about two minutes tops.

7. I am 5'8 and I always thought I would be taller than what I am. I somewhat disappointed with my height. I would not mind being 5'11 like my girl overwhelmed.

8.I'm not much of a people person. I like to do things by myself. I am a natural loner although I can sometimes enjoy the company of others. I can travel, go to the movies, and eat at a restaurant by myself. Its just that I think I can get things done faster by myself and I don't like all of the unnecessary opinions of other people.

So many people have been taged already but I want the info on the following people: AfroJamicano, thekashirocollective, Miss Williams,Vanitypages ,PussyCatBitch, BeautyinTexas,Girlshop ,Yeyemarieba, Bmorebap, Expat Jane


afro jamaicano said...

ive seen the whole taggin thing before, what's the basic rules of it? give out random info? catch me up so i can continue the tagging train haha!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sis!

How do I do this again? I just write eight things about myself? Help me out :-)

The shopaholic. said...

Wow girl! You definitely need to take care of yourself and regulate your health. Funny thing is I've never paid attention to things like that. I need to visit the doctor really soon, it's been too long.
I think I might have a problem with EXTRA ebonics..lol.
And I hear you on doing stuff solo..did you go to Artscape?

Beyond said...

you really need to improve on your health; it's really a big thing in U.S. Besides, the fast lifestyle doesn't help in anyway.

Ms. Confessions said...

you were so on my list to hit up next...LMAO!

ExpatJane said...

You tagged me and I was like "what is this tagging you speak of?"

It took me about 24 hours to figure out, duh, go to her blog. I'm still reading Harry Potter Book 7. I hadn't started Book 6 in earnest until Saturday and, honestly, some passages are just boring to me (too much angst-ridden teenager expose), so I'm not blasting through it.

Anyway, I'll get on this. But probably one reason you want to know more about me is I don't put much of my private life or even personality quirks out there. That will probably stay the same, but I'll put down 8 things.

Lola Gets said...

I applaud you for your astute observations!

Anonymous said...

i never even checked that cholesterol thing.. i should.. goodluck with the healthier eating and nursing school i really am so proud of you... i agree its good not to loose part of your culture... your language... lol.. being 5 ft 11 rocks but girl sometimes its a pain with finding pants long enough and shoes(cos my feet are size 11's too... so its a hassle)but other than that... yeah it sort of is awesome.. lol... i have never been to a restaurant or the movies by myself... great writeup mami... hope ur having a great summer

Always.Funky.Fresh said...

Good stuff...the health thing is so serious in our community. I'm going for my yearly soon. Hopefully my numbers are down too!!

And uhhh, I'm sure you'll do just fine in nursing school. Fear is a good thing. It'll push you.

Coffey0072 said...

Double up on the fruits and veggies... and be good to your self.

Um, I just hate the word "ebonics"
who the hell christened our brand of slang that ridiculous word anyway?? I'd be willing to wager that it wasn't a black person who came up with ebonics as a way to box in that aspect of our culture... GOSH I hope it wasn't.

M.Dot. said...

1. Run. Get rid of the red meat.
And Run/Walk. More veggies.
Does it run in your fam.
I just ran my way to the best, muscular body I have ever had.

Doctor told me two years ago that my asthma and NYC winters were gonna keep me on antibiotics. SHE IS ANTI them sh*ts because you create DRUG resistant bacteria strands.

If you wanna be "online essercise buddies" im down.

Plus now Imma be in Cali, w/ al those Delicious Microbrews at my fingertips, mma have to run to avoid the Kangaroo pouch from resurfacing.

2. I am honored to be called brilliant.

We, African-Americans are to America what the untouchables are to India ,and don't ever let anybody try to fool you into thinking otherwise.

4. The first man to put his lips on my body still has a hold on me
Don't you HATE WHEN YOU CAN'T shake em.
Shit irritates the F*CK outta me.

RaRe-DiVa-Tella said...

gurl...I hear you. It's not good to be a total loner, but you don't need some kinda people to slow you down either...cos I just learned that people are bunch of YAHOOS!

BeautyinBaltimore said...

Mot dott the exercise buddies sounds good. I'm going to have to take it slow thought. Run walk only.