Tuesday, May 01, 2007


1. Why are people staring blogs, and two months later retiring. Man what type of mess is that. They get people hooked and then run away. I'm familer with the blogs of some of the people who have closed their blogs. Some of the people who have deceided to close their blogs have scandlous blogs like myself. I must say to those who are thinking about puting certain parts of your life online be very careful. It can come back to haunt you and hurt you if you are a very sensitive person.

2. Is it me or does it seem like we are being bombarded by fewer and fewer news items about hollywood stars. Thank God

3. Vogue has the new generation of supermodels on the cover. How happy am I.

4. I don't like the drama that has surfaced around Channel Iman's placement on said cover of Vogue.

5. George Bush getting down. To bad he can't dance his way out of the mess in Iraq.

6. I apologise if I offend anyone in writing this but how happy was I when the picture of the V-tec killer was revealed on television and it was not a black man. The nightly news is such bad PR for us that many of black people watch the news with our fingers crossed when the most atrocious crimes are disscused, praying that a black person did not commit the crime.

7. Alec Baldwin needs help.

8. Am I the only black woman who is not natural that shops at whole foods.

9. I'm noticing more bw/wm interacial couples in Baltimore. Is this a reaction to the lack of quality BM in baltimore or are times truly changing.

10. Mr. G(Overwhlemed's ex) is one hell of a character. Overwhelmed's former boyfriend has his own blog now. Check out this cute blog by a Naija diva living life.


The Mistress said...

Co-sign on #1, 5, 6, and 7!

I've also noticed folks are throwing in the towel on their blogs a lot more as of late.

Fucking quitters.

The Pussy Cat Bitch said...

Gosh. Guilty of the blog thang. I do try to write as often as I can. Its funny how, when you write about this i kinda feel like I'm letting you down. Nice post. Luv your posts always. Smooches!:)

The shopaholic. said...

Thanks for the warm welcome. :)
In response to #6, I was thinking it was a white man. (White folks, sorry if this offends you) but seriously, how many times do you see Black people getting up and acting the fool? Apart from the Sniper case in DC, you don't really see black folks doing stuff like that.

#7: About Alec Baldwin, I think folks need to calm down. I don't know about you, but most Naija kids went through worse verbal abuse from thier parents. This one na small thing, but we in American right?

Amadeo said...

I refuse the lack of quality brothers in Bmore theory. The women at my job were saying that and I went through my phone and named more than 30 of them. I actually see that more people are down to mix it up. You may catch me flirting with some Indian chick.

Golden Silence said...

I would say half and half for #9, but I can't really speak since I don't live in Baltimore. In DC, it seems like the thuggish guys outrank the good guys. On the other side of the coin, I also think people are broadening their horizons by dating outside their race. As someone who has no problem with interracial dating, I'm dismayed to see gorgeous black women dating old fart-type white guys (balding, golf shirts, generic-looking, etc.). When I do see the rare young bw/wm couple where BOTH parties are attractive, then I raise my hat to them! Once again, no problem with dating white guys---but they've gotta be cute!

Off-topic, but you may be interested in this, BiB---Media Takeout-Finalists for "Nigeria's Next Top Model"

Tutsy said...

I am soooo feeling you on #1, 7 & 9..... in response to the issue about people starting blogs and shutting it down, it has a whole lot to do with commitment and creativity...alot of these cats start out strong but sooner or later things start to take a different route...they lose creativity...and sometimes overwhelmed with other things going on in thier lifes they quit...I think a lot of people start blogging without knowledge of how much work and sacrifice it requires...thats why such blogs disapper quicker than it came.

To conclude, on your comment about biracial couple in B'more, i totally concur with you....I am in B'more all the time....thought i was the only one who noticed this...guess not...lol

dairy of a G said...

@ number 6 & 10
6 I felt the same way too glad to see it wasn't a black man
how am I a character?

eNquirier said...

When did you start making enough to shp at whole foods..

Acolyte said...

I was thinking the same thng about number 6!
@ golden silence
I'm dismayed to see gorgeous black women dating old fart-type white guys (balding, golf shirts, generic-looking, etc.).
I have seen it before and frankly I was grossed out! If these men are ranked higher than brothers, then hard times are ahead for us!

Lola Gets said...

I was going to say it was a commmentary on the quality of the Black men in and around Bmore, but I guess thats becasue Ive NEVER met a decent Bmore man!

As for IR dating, I havent dated anything other than a Black man since my one white guy in 1989. Most non-Black men dont appeal to me, but occasionally I run across one I find attractive. Never goes any farther then there, though. I have some blog readers who think I should give IR dating a try again, lol.
Who knows?