Saturday, April 28, 2007

Snoop Dogg

This photo is the reason that I hope Snoop gets a very long jail sentence, maybe someone will turn him into a bitch also. Snoop is an embarrassment to African-Americans no scratch that to all black people(and black men in particular). Who would of ever though that a stone cold gang banger would turn into America's number one Uncle Tom.


Golden Silence said...

Snoop is a waste of human flesh. He contributes nothing to society.

dairy of a G said...

what the fuck yawl talling about?
first of all:
I believe the real uncle tom was a black man born into slavery who gave his life to protect other slaves.
when his story was turned into a movie, the writers re-worked the script making uncle tom's character the opposite
the white man has successfully managed to teach blacks an incorrect, caucasion-favoring version of always
I read this somewhere And I believe its true

now back to ya post
Ok how is snoop D O double Dizzle
a uncle tom?
If its the Girls he's walking with that get you upset why?
they're getting more than they would ?hookering? on the street
how is snoop an embarrassment to black people?
This dude like you say was a stone cold gang banger who now drive his own car, wear his own clothes, has the world speaking his language and can promote anything better than anybody
snoop is now coaching a minor league boys football team
so to Golden silence thats contributing to society. and am sure he does more than just that
I hate white wash black people that think rappers are a waste when they make more money than yawl fuckers pointing fingers ever will
Why should this dude change his image to appeal to yawl? fuck that. hes staying true to the homies. Inspiring them that they too can beat the odds. ever saw it that way?
as a black man I look up to Snoop and alot of other rappers. they are trend setters. They do what they like and get paid big for it
you think anybody would have give a fuck about snoop if he had got a 9 to 5? I bet you would be much more proud to see him go to work in a suit at a office everyday over and over again huh?
Fuck that appealling to society shit. when your in the mood you do as you please. fuck a broke persons opinion. why ya think they broke cause all they will ever have is an opinion

I heard Jay-z is coming out with his own colour "Jay-Z blue"
what have you done lately?

Golden Silence said...

I hate white wash black people that think rappers are a waste when they make more money than yawl fuckers pointing fingers ever will

Negro, how does my thinking Snoop is a waste make me "whitewashed"? I don't care if the man were black, white, Asian, whatever...I don't like what he stands for and I know good and damn well where I came from. Learn how to type a coherent sentence before you come here with that shit.


Didn't Snoop just get refused a visa from Britain? And now, its Australia because they say he doesn't meet their moral standards...

Lola Gets said...

People who were raised with money know that ones ability to earn, ie the "ends", does not justify the means, so please dont use that to justify his behavior.

On a different note, I was at a sex party last night, so I got to see a lot of porn (yeah, they had a buncha TVs on). It was all modern shit, and honestly, made me somewhat sick. But Im not a big porn watcher anyways.

TTD said...

u know.. looking at this pic, i cant even be mad a snoop.. im disappointed in those stupid bitches for agreeing to dress 1/2 naked and walk w/ a damn chain around their neck... they need to want more for themselves.. .and they could've said no.. matter fact, if more chicks said no to that negative look that some dudes try to portray them in, then dudes will have to start respecting females more & will think twice about pulling stunts like this...

Beyond said...

I totally agree with ttd. I know that snoop is very useless too but i will definitely blame these morraf**king B****hes for doing this to themselves.

afro jamaicano said...

snoop didnt meet their moral standards?? yah, talk to me when there arent filthy slag roaming the street and drug-addicts @ every turn, now does anyoen know whether he's blocked access to jus britian or the entire united kingdom?

beautyinbaltimore said...

@Golden- Exactly.
@Mr. G- Money is not everything. How you can justify the way this man behaves, I just don't understand. I also know that Uncle Tom was a noble character in the book by Harriet Beecher Stowe but in popular culture Uncle Tom has another meaning. Furthermore, coching a little league team does not mean someone is is absolved of all his evil deeds.
@Solomsydelle- Yes, Austrialla started out as a penal colony and they don't even want him.
@Lola- Yes I'm glad you understand. Its good to know I'm not the only one turned off by porn these days.
@ ttd and beyond- Even if these two sad no there would of been two other women to take their places. Just because someone is weak that does not give another human being the right to take advabtage of them.
@Afro Jamaicano-I don't know but the dude is trash.

Soul said...

Afro Jamaicano...
Britain (Great Britain) is the United Kingdon...

racquelle-cutie said...

This na disgrace,i am so ashamed

Diary of a g you are to westernised,how can you look up to sum1 like Snoop who is an irresponsible man that won't respect his age

chidi said...

i think he really deserves a long jail term to come back to his senses. And how can those girls allow themselves to be treated like dogs. just because of money??/ like you said to dairy of a g money is not everything. I think it is better to have one's self respect than have the money. Snoop dogg is a disgrace to all blacks. So are all the other rappers who encourage use of drugs, sex, violence & guns in their songs. i hope snoop dosen't get away with it this time

Rogue Sun said...

I hope he's gray and nappy when they 48 Hours comes to interview him in jail.

The Pussy Cat Bitch said...

What da fuck are these chicks wearing?

Anonymous said...

...Only slightly turned on by the idea of... but that shit's for the bedroom not public! ;)

Shame on Snoop, I swear his got a wife n kids, nah?

The shopaholic. said...

Don't be too mad at Snoop, how about the girls who allowed themselves to be chained like that?
This reminds me of those Spelman girls that got mad at nelly for the Tip drill video. It's not like he kidnapped them and made them subject themselves to such ridiculousness.

dairy of a G said...

What about brothels whorehouses prono?

Golden Silence said...

"Don't be too mad at Snoop, how about the girls who allowed themselves to be chained like that?"

I'm mad at all of shame, no respect, and no class!