Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The video

video: afronerd

Here is a copy of the Akon video. See his part of the freakfeast for yourself.

The Hole - video powered by Metacafe


aegeus said...

I am watching that and you are so right, then a 14 year old! Wow! As we say here in Kenya, SHINDWE!(BE DEFEATED - direct translation)


Omo, come and see wahala...o! if una think say this Ogbonge head African born Akon na mugu, check him record - he has been jailed for armed robbery and drug distribution charges! This morrofucker is gangstar!! It's no surprise that he went ballistic with this 14 yr old.... Like all rap artist, he is only prepping up for a return to the BIG HOUSE...just like his buddy Snoop Dogg "fo' shizzle, ma nizzle!

Udi said...

DAAAAAAAAMN. That dude definetly raped her. Coz that is way too aggressive for a dance. 14 year old will be traumatized for life

Nyemoni said...

first timer alert!.... this is so gross..... BUT!!! Hold up! Did you see the way the crowd cheered him on?....that made it even worse... and then to top it all up she's a minor. Phew, story of her life.

Africainement said...

Hey Sista...hope all is well and that you are feelin better

yeah man being from senegal myselg, I was discusted as a woman first..i mean there's freakin somebody and freakin somebody..come on now ...unfort' i look at him differen now..disapointed in him...ah it was 2 good to be true an african brotha being shown positively in america..he had to go spoil it for sure other artists do it..but when u are representing a continent u kinda have 2 be careful w/the thangs that u do..

afro jamaicano said...

aight we all know wuh he did was wrong, why don't u get on that girl's gone wild guy for not paying taxes and going to jail, or alec baldwin screaming @ his daughter on the fone, personally the girl on stage went to the concert so she was partially assuming some bit of damage, buh alec baldwin's daughter did nothing wrong....just got rotten father

rosie odonell made an ass out of herself @ that press luncheon, grabbing her crotch, talking aout giving donald trump a boner and in front of highschool girls who were given scholarships and won the right to go to the luncheon

buh naw akon jumping on stage a few weeks ago with some girl who went to his concert on her on, and whose dad sed he had no problem with it, is the only victim this month...okay i understand

Soul said...

Afro Jamacaino..

erm.. last time I checked white folks can take care of themselves.

You would have to be some kinda of idiot to compare, a guy evading taxes, or a guy shouting at his daughter to what happened on stage here... I mean come on.

And once again you are lying. I don't know whether you eyes glaze over when you read stuff...
but the 14 year old girls father does have a problem with it.
His been in the trini papers saying how much of a problem he has with it.

The creator of girls gone wild is facing charges.right and is probably going to jail right?.. so your point on that is mute.. he is already being dealt with...

Alec Baldwin is at this minute being ridiculed in the mainstream press... so again your poitn is mute on that note.

If black people didn't say shit about this, Akon would have gotten away with it.. cos point blank nobody gives a shit about us black folk except us black folk.

And now that we are giving a shit about it... you Mr. Blackman have a problem with it.

yeah ... I bet you also think R.Kelly is just being picked on.

And for goodness sake some embellishing your stories just to make a point.
It's not smart, it's not clever and it is soo easy to find out that you've been telling porkies and adding your own bits in there.

Nigeria Politricks said...

@ Soul
You know Afro Jamacaino is still a baby in the cradle, so please spare his ignoramus behind! He gets all excited about what happens in the media, but due to lack of intellectual acuity, he can't make a logical sense out of it. Get some education brotha before you open your trap!

afro jamaicano said...

@ soul are u saying it's not right for black bloggers to discuss or critize anyone that isnt black? b/c that's how it sounded like when u sed "erm.. last time I checked white folks can take care of themselves" personally as a blogger i'll blog about any issues that i want to. b/c lord knows very few white people are critizing white people in the media right now

just b/c the guy got 35 days in jail (a slap on the wrist)that means he's being dealt with and that noone can discuss the subject anymore?? i think not, imus got his punishment last week or the week before and people are still talking about it, so are they wrong?

so to you giving a shit about black people is putting them down on blogs??

all of it's wrong in my opinion, but i was just suggesting that she focus on a few other topics, and the girls father was a pastor, and if he was any kind of "real man" he wudent let her dress like a slut or go to concerts late @ nite, i mean really, people only go out that late @ nite looking for one thing....

and if u read one post on my blog, u wude know that i am not a fan of akon @ all

and @ soul if u were up on current fact u'd know that in addition to tax evasion joe francis "the ggw guy" is up for sexual assault charges too buh since he's white i guess it's ok?

and for the record someone wude have to be a fool to condone what rkelly or akon did, anyone with half a brain knows it's wrong buh damn there are a billion news stories made everyday why not focus on some others? or atleast something positive?

i'm tired of black men's comments,actions being disected constantly in the media, let rosie talk like a fool, it's okay b/c we expect it from her? NO it's not!! she grabbed her crotch yesterday @ a press luncheon, but it's ok b/c we know she's "a little off" well to me it's not right @ all, and more people should put her on blast for doing that

it all boils down to self-respect and decentsy! really that's all

and to Nigeria Politricks calm down it's all just blogging and gossip! and i'm a psych major and do quite well @ school, but thanks for ur concern or lack there of

@Beauty in Baltimore sorry for going off topic ^_^

beautyinbaltimore said...

@ Nigeria politricks- I so hope they put snopp in the dogg house.

The Pussy Cat Bitch said...

Ugh...he is such a pig!! I swear, what is it with men and young girls. I've been watching Dateline and its shocking the handfull of men they catch chatting with young girls. Some are even as young as 12 years of age. I can't stand old men who take advantige of young girls. Akon is such a slob.

Soul said...

@Afro Jamaicaino...

No. Please learn to read and comprehend.
I did not say black bloggers can't discuss anything white bloggers do..
I said: White people can take care of their own.. which they can.. this is an issue that affects a black girl and a black man. The mainstream press don't gfive a damn about it because quite frankly they don't give a damn about black people.
So we need to give a damn about it ourselves.
As a black person, my priority is initially to black people because we have been aligned to the side and other'ed for too long.

You are free to blog about what the heck you want to.. notice that I am not on your blog asking you not to blog about stuff, go ahead.. after alec baldwin and the guy who is doing the 'girls gone wild stuff..affects YOU how?

Don't be an idiot... I give a damn about black people, it doesn't mean that I cannot critique someone who did somethign stupid. Giving a damn about a person means you don't sanction everything they do just because you liek them.. it means telling them the truth, calling them on their bullshit when they act like an idiot.
how am I putting akon down?

What I am doing is choosing not to sweep his idiotic actions under the carpet under the guise of 'keeping a brother up'.
You can live in denial and defend the indefensible if you want.. all that does is make you appear silly and in denial.

Why sould beauty in blatimore focus on something else.. something which is not affecting her community, something which already has extensive coverage, and leave something which affects her, or maybe the way her sister will be viewed....
because of your discomfort?

So now you blame the've gone through blaming the girl.. now it's the pastors fault?..
When exactly are you going to actually be able to step off out of your denial and say as Akon is a grown man he should share some responsibility here?

And then to cap it all of f, you say one of the most stupid, idiotic and nonsensical things ever! You said.. people only go out late at night for one thing
You know what, you are ridiculous!. Your age does not excuse this level of idiocy at all.

So when you go out late at night for a stroll.. you are only looking to get violated?

when you got to a nightclub (late at night)to watch your favourite artist perform.. of course you are looking to get violated

when you go to a lounge bar to chill and have a drink with your friends.. of course you are looking to get violated!

i mean dang even if you are walking home late at night.. of course you are looking to get violated [/sarcasm]

Do you see how utterly stupid that point you made is.

It doesn't really matter that you are not an 'Akon fan' the issue here is the fact that you see the condemnation of Akon as a condemnation of all black men and thus you are defending him on this issue by asking that people not talk about it.

If we don't talk about it, then it will happen again.

oh and you are funny... you are talking about current fact coming from 'TMZ' a gossip site.. are you for real? I mean really?.
You really want to ask if I am 'up on current facts' by quoting a gossip site at me.. I think you need to go offline for a minute and get real news.

oh and what still keeps slipping past you is the fact that the guy from 'girls gone wild' is being charged!!! It is not swept under the carpet he is going through the courts process!
What's Akon doing?
hiding like a lil bitch behind people like you, who want to act like e'rythangs' cool.. white people are doing shit too so let's not focus on black guys when they do it.. let's focus on the shit that white guys are doing'.

Again.. how in holy fuck does that help black people?.

Why isn't beauty focusing on the pther billion stories that happen everyday.. because this story just happens to be one that takes the fucking biscuit..
See folks like you did the same thing with R.Kelly.. they said..
'oh but woody allen ddid it too and married his own child'! peewee herman did it too!. why are you focusing on 'the black man'.

Well FYI, becasue white men did it, doesn't mean black men should do it..
What Akon did is dispicable.. what he is doing now (hiding like a lil bitch behind black man backing') is stupid and dispicable..

We are discussing it, because it seems black men wanna act like it didn't happen or blame everybody but Akon.. instead of assigning blame to all parties.

If you had any decency and self respect you would put your hand up and say you know what? I'm tired of blackmen acting like the victim even when they are shitting on black women.
You would categorically and unequivocally denounce that shit that Akon pulled as well as the 14 year old for sneaking out of the house to go to a 'grown folks place'.

You would stop lying/ embellishing details just to get a point across.

you would stop trying to make things up that I didn't say in order to make a point.

and finally you would stop making points which have absolutely nothing to do with the issue at hand, which only leave you looking idiotic

Give it a rest already

LurLar said...

Ok i agree what he did was wrong, but lets not 4get dat, it was a concert nd he wont be asking her hey how old r u?You can't compare dis with chatroom pedophiles she might look old enuff for him in d first instant, dats a big mistake on his part, but lets not 4get dat we all can make mistakes.

Golden Silence said...

Oh my god! He was moving that child around like she was a rag doll. Yes it was inappropriate for him to treat that girl like that, but I think it's inappropriate PERIOD to treat any woman like that.

~Mimi~ said...

that was some nasty stuff! my mouth was open all thru the video...thats just gross!

Anonymous said...

Akon no try at all..butwetin 14yr old gal they do there wearing that!Omo pastor

beautyinbaltimore said...

@golden- Thats the same thing that I said. Even if she was fifty, he was out of line.
@mimi- You said it.
@pink-statin- I don't like what she has on but I don't think that was a reason to violate her.

Elle* said...

I know someone is going to shoot me, but I don't think he asked for ID before he pulled her on stage. She should not have had her fast ass in the club looking like that AT ALL....And hell, I wouldn't let no one I don't care who they are hump me like that in public!!! That whole thing was just NASTY!

Cheri said...

Oh, My God.....and to think I actually took his side.

Akon should be put in jail for this. This is a CRIME!!!