Sunday, December 03, 2006

Stop Toming part 2

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Unfortunately, to many black people have no problem putting on a modern day minstrel show for the world to see. The sad thing is, it seems to be selling records, DVD, and movie tickets in a major way. When will black entertainers realize that "they" are not laughing with you but at you.
At least Dave Chappelle woke up, but only after he put on one hell on minstrel show for two seasons. The first time I watched his show I found a few of his skits amusing, but most of Chapelle's skits and jokes I found very offensive. When I would talk to other black people about The Chappelle show, many of them could not understand how some portions of is show is offensive to African-Americans (and all black people for that matter).
One thing that I've realized about human beings in my short time on this earth is that most don't like to think. Most people prefer to do the minimal amount of thinking, even those who are academically gifted are guilty of not using their brain. Maybe this is why so many black people particularly the young, do not give thought to how they are embarrassing their people when they make fools(example:50 cent,T.I, Lil Kim) out of themselves for a dollar.
Black people have had the worst History in the last few hundred years than any other race of people on earth. So many blacks in Africa and throughout the diaspora have fought so hard so that we, today's blacks , could live a life in which we are seen as human beings not wild animals.
That is why it is so maddening to see so many blacks today accepting "the Flava-Flava guide to life" as the Bible.



Anonymous said...

Classic case of shifting blame. They are clearly a big influence and they dont care.
Personally i wouldn't buy rap music. And its a pity because some have good beats. I won't help them promote things that are clearly degrading society.

Anonymous said...


I generally don't watch Chapelle. However I hadn't thought of it as a minstrel show.

lovelyjd said...

i am with you...i watched one episode of the mess and was so over it...i work for a giiigantic media company and imagine our white president saying that flavor of love was on his tivo list....i wanted to pass out.

Anonymous said...

Hi Beauty,

What does "Toming" mean?



Anonymous said...

Interesting perspective and article too.. got me thinking a lil

Anonymous said...

u've been tagged luv..

Anonymous said...

Uncle Tomming and clowning at its best! Damon Dash and Camron need to shut the hell up and sit down. Promoting bling instead of promoting education. they have no idea how much damage they have helped do to our community.

Yes, the parents need to be involved, but these fools unfortunately also have influence over children.

Anonymous said...

But the sad truth is how black folks marvel in such a glorified humiliation. It gives them money just to watch them make the highest fool of themselves!
Rap/Hip pop obviously isnt my thing. I tend to watch tv and got the gross-iest and most deameaning show "Yo Momma". I weeped inside, looking at people making a huge mess of themselves for a mere $1,000....I felt disgraced!

Nice write up hun!

Tired of being broke said...

Fuuny how Jayz protested the whole Crystal thing, but an innocent man gets gun downed in Queens and you do not hear from any of the rappers. They live very shallow lives, most are not very educated, so I do not expect any better.

Never watched that damn Flavor of Love hot mess.

beautyinbaltimore said...

@Nilla- This is the same reason why I only have about 7 rap CDs in my collection of 100 CDs.

@Rogue Sun- If you have the time check out an episode on the comefdy channel.

@ lovelyjd- I can imagine how you felt when he told you this.Lets hopw he does not ask you about bouty poping one day.

@ Anonymous- "Toming" is when a black person acts in a sterotypical manner. The word comes from Uncle Tom out of the book Uncle Tom's Cabin. The book help start the anti-slavery movement in the US.

@overwehelmed- I'm glad you enjoyed the article.

@ lovely- Exactly, they have so much infleunce over our children that many of them mimic the whole persona of these fools.

@Najadude- The Yo Mama show is terrible. Is only second to Flava of Love in its trash factor. I can't beleive parents go on that show to "support" their children.

@tired of being broke- I'm thinking the same thing. Why is it that they can brag on their records about how "hard" they are, but when the situation calls for someone who is hard to stand up they are no where to be found.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is bloody hell!