Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I've been tagged

My girl, Overwhelmed tagged me

Five thing you don't know about me:

1. I love four inch stilettos. I think they make a woman's legs look very nice. The problem is I can not walk in them.

2. I always seem to fall in love(maybe a strong like) with gay men. I can't explain it, maybe it is because I don't like to really deal with true/deep love and all the messy stuff.

3. As much as I like to read academic works, I have a soft spot for ghetto novels. I have a deep fascination with the stories that street authors write. I don't know why I just do. Maybe it is because I grew up in the hood but still led a pretty sheltered life.

4. After the swinger, I decided that size does not matter as much. At times it felt like that man was trying to spilt me apart, and that was when he was being gentle.

5. Whenever I go shopping I always pick up the size 0, and wonder how it would be to so slim that I can wear the smallest size.


sl said...

lemme find out that u are a Fag hag..a beard even?

Anonymous said...

LOL..Arent you weird now? Feeling gay men? hmmm!!!
Do you actually wear size 0? Wow!!

Anonymous said...

4 inch heels kills the feet. Agony of da feet! 2 to 3 inch heels will do.

Welcome to the fag-hag years. been there nd done that. Gay men are more bitchy than us girls. You know that's right!

Ghetto novels. I can't do it. That's like going to Barnes and Nobel to kill brain cells, instead of growing new ones. Naww right.

Size does matter. It does, I sweear it does! LOL!

I look past teh size zero and double zero.. and shake my fucking head at all the chicks who starve themselves to fit into that shit. Humph!

afro jamaicano said...

i like ghetto novels too! also #4 on the list is hilarious haha!

Anonymous said...

I doubt if a size 0 is the smallest size coz I can, sometimes, squeeze into a size 0 and I know there are much smaller people in this world than me ...Nicole Richie!

Anonymous said...

I live in 3 and a half inch stillettos and i'm 5ft11inches tall.. lol.. its the funniest thing. Ghetto books I can't read.. I cringe a lot. lol... i've never fucked a 'huge' so I have no clue... I've had average or somewhat biger than average but never a huge so i guess i don't know what i'm "missing"!lol.. Size 0?! Try 10 for me... lol..

Anonymous said...

haha! I've never read a ghetto novel before...hmmmm. I think stilettos are tres sexy too! one of the greatest man made inventions I say!! hehe

Oh and on the size business...the most unforgettable orgasm I ever had was with a swedish dude and his dick was the size of a mushroom. Size does not matter, its what you do to the woman that counts...trust me! :-)