Friday, September 15, 2006

September 11 vs. Hurricane Katrina

Why is it that some people are writing letters to Newspapers and Magazines saying that they are sick of hearing about the survivors of hurricane Katrina. Are these same people sick of hearing about September 11. Is this a case of the victim Olympics.
Katrina- 1 year ago vs. September 11- 5 years ago.
I think we know what is behind this.


The Mistress said...

Oh yeah. The Katrina victims weren't all white collar workers and they were victims of "evil terrorists".

Not to mention they weren't primarily underpriviledged and black.

The Mistress said...

The 9/11 folks that is...

A woman on the move said...

Because one tragedy affected the people America considers to be insignificant; the black and lower class people.

And the “oh so tragic” 9/11 attacks affected the economic pulse of America and white collar capital.

I too wonder the same thing, which is why I didn’t publicly honor 9/11. Although, I wish neither one happened. I feel the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina was way worst than the terrorist attacks. It was an obvious display of racism.

Our government purposely failed to aide or even rescue the victims trapped in the gulf regions. Some may say the same for the terrorist warnings. But clearly if we can go over to fucking Iraq and take over their country; we can save and rebuild cities less than 2,000 miles from the fucking capital…

NaijaBloke said...

The only reason ppl r sick of hearing abt victims of Katrina is cos,the New Orleans ppl still havn't move pn with their lives.Majority of them r not ready to work and still want the Government to pay for their rent,power,food and allowance after a year.It is not as if there is no work but majority of them dont want to work cos they were not working in New Orleans ..

When u r talking abt racism,u have to look at the ppl that the act is been perpetated aginst and see what they r doing to help themselves.Everbody knows that the tragedy was not handled well cos majority of the victims r blacks,but we have a lot of ppl from the same New Orleans that have moved one and started working and earning a living for themselves.

LovelyMonAmi said...

ok, I know the answer to this. And, it ain't the answer tha you want to hear. The US government allowed 911 to take place, in the same manner that they allowed Katrina to go down.

The differenece is not just a race thing. And, I know that that is where you all wanna go with this. Every race and religion was repersented on 911. In New Orleans it was mostly poor people. I say poor instead of black, because there were whites and hispanics ther too. Also, the vast majority of people who stayed in NO were able to leave on their own accord. Yes, I said it, they were able to leave and chose to stay!

I live in New York City, and I have family in Louisianna. My family lived on higer ground so they had no reason to leave. I was in the city on 911, but missed thwe whole thing because, I live and worked a few miles away from ground zero.

The victims of 911 did not have any idea that they were under attack. The victims of Katrina had a week to prepare and get out of dodge.. and they chose to stay. The rich and the poor chose to stay put, and lost thier lives and their homes in the process. Their govenor and the mayor had plans on paper, that they chose not to adhear to, and placed their stubborn consitituants in harms way.

If you look at the footage of the disaster after Katrina made land fall, ther were several cars under water of floating away.... who do you think those cars belonged to? People who refused to leave. For those who did not have a vehicle, they have families, and I am sure if they wanted to they could have vacated the premisis. But, no they chose to sit on their asses and wait for "Big Daddy" aka the government to take care of them instead of taking care of themselves.

And, when the government got off ot its lazy ass and starte to help these people what did they spen the FEMA money on? Bags, jewelery... bullshit they didn't need! Yes, there were honest people who didn't abuse the system, but the charlitans came out in droves both after 911 and Katrina.

So...Wise...Sista said...

For the same reasons people are tired of hearing about slavery.

beautyinbaltimore said...

At Mistress- I think you hit it on the nose.
@ a woman on the move- I could not have said it better myself.
@najabloke and lovely- Don't forget that many of the victims of 9/11 families received huge somes of money from the goverment and charitable organizations. Most of the people who survived 9/11 did not have there homes destroyed like the people of New Orleans. I'm not denying that some of the people from New Orleans are lazy and what have you, but we must take a closer look.
@Lovely, just because they are your family it does not mean they are willing to help you. Futhermore, some people who left New Orleans, left by plane and train so many of the cars we saw may have belonged to them. There was another group of people who probably thought that they would "ride" the storm out. I pretty sure many people did not think it would be as bad as it was.

beautyinbaltimore said...

@ so wise sister- Yea, anything that adversely affects black people mainstream America flinchs from.

NaijaBloke said...

@Beauty .. did u know how much the people from New Orleans were getting as allowances and U need to be here to realize that this ppl we r talking abt gave the government a negative impression abt issuing the allowances as well.

I was one of the volunteers at the main shelter in Houston and on arriving in houston,the government was issuing a VISA giftcard of $2500 immediately to each person for immediate needs and red cross was issung a $1500 giftcard as well.Do u know most of the charges on this gift cards were for Luis Vutton bags,Gucci bags and shoes,Grills,Jewelries,Beer and sorts.We actually went thru something else and still going thru it since a whole bunch of New orleans ppl moved to Houston.The crime rate shot thru the roof and ppl had to actually make a confrontation with the Mayor to sort out things a vigilante was setup as well.

Everybody knows these ppl r poor and majority of them r Black.30% of the ppl in New Orleans r whites and we never even heard anything from them.It's just a sad situation if I may say that.

Nice post

beautyinbaltimore said...

@ Najabloke- I want to commend you for helping the victims of huricane Kutrina. You get a lot of praise from me for giving your time to those in need.

ann ross said...

Hi, I am katrina survivor. I am from Pass Christian, Ms. My house was destroyed (water damage inside). We are hard working people. We both have full time jobs. And we are paying for 2 households one we are renting(ga) the other a mortgage (pass christian). Why should people care, It could happen to them. One day, you have everything, a future, a home, a job, and love ones. Then one day(least than 24 hours) a hurricane or any other nature or manmade disaster could change you left for the worst. We have to remember, because if we dont we doomed to repeat the same mistakes over again.

Soul said...

and 911 victims families got millions...

how the heck do you get out of a place in a week with your entire family when you don't have a car? and the roads are full, there is no more mass transportation (which you have to pay for) and you are turned back by sherriffs with guns on the main bridge leading out of town?

We all saw the nes and it is a lie to say that the victims were automatically presented with £2500 giftcards, puhlease the administration didn't even know what they were doing in the first week of the aftermath.
What do you do with disenfranchised people.. shove $2500 cards in their faces?
what would you do if you had no home, no sense of self, everything felt alien to you and everywhere around you felt like a bloody refugee camp.

I hate the fact that black people can sit here and claim that other black people don't want to work?
really? what are we unique? are we the only people who want to live well.. are we the 'good' black people.

There are thousands of black families and people fromNO who want to work, who want to go back, who want to recover their family histories, their livelihoods, their homes.
Some have gone back to devastation to realise that their neighbourhoods no longer exist, their homes no longer exist.
Some can't deal with it, some try to.

The day the levees broke the president was awol, the day oafter he was at a rock concert playing guitar... and you think he cared?
FEMA fucked up and he told the head of FEMA that he thought he was doing a good job.
A good job of what? purging the city of poor folk?

That shit don't happen in Florida you know?

When people say racism was involved it's not becasue they think people said ohh look at the brown folk let's let them die..
it stems from a system which neglects people of colour in various ways.
And yes, when we talk of people of coolour it does include hispanics (jesu cristi when did racism not affect hispanics?)

Soul said...

gosh and the whole bollocks about the car, are you kidding me?

when a school kid stole a school bus to get people out, he was turned back. the buses sat in the depot, and the police prevented people from taking them.
people were turned back with GUNS from the main bridge leaving the city.

How ignorant can you get when you say after Katrina hit bland their were cars underwater, people had to flee and abandon their cars! some people died in their cars.. some of those cars belonged to people who had already fled.
What you think they left the keys in the ignition just so their neighbours could flee..


We could use the same yard stick to measure what happened in 911, but I won't.
I think it is might mighty ignorant to try to blame victims of a natural disaster with sourious and frivolent charges. Especially since you r peeps lived on high ground and werent affected.

People don't know how lucky they are until they find themselves with no money to leave cos they are living from paycheck to paycheck...

Let us remember that some people were told by their emplyers that if they left during the first week of warnings that they would not have a job to come back to.

If they had left and the bloody levee didn't break, then the same guys wbranding these folk as lazy would be the same guys branding them as 'work shy' and uncommitted.

Katrina and 9/11 were both unexpected tragedies. Nobody expected the levees not to hold.

It is positively disgusting, vile and sickening to hear people blame the victims, irrespective of how some of them might chose to deal with their tragedy.

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