Saturday, August 12, 2006

Random thoughts II

10. Cassie's performance on 106 and Park. Of all the half talented female singers out there, I have to say she is the worst. She had to whisper the song because her voice is so terrible.
9. Thank God, Vivica A. Fox's face has finally come together. She was a hot mess for a while after the plastic surgery.
8. Cassie again. The original video for "Me and You" was about oral sex(see it at youtube)? No wonder today's teenagers are so out of control.
7. One week later and I still can't get over the Flava of Love chick shiting on herself. She set black women back 50 years. Not only that but she fits the stereotype perfectly:fat,Loud, oversexed, uncouth and a gold digger.
6. Grace Jones is a bad chick. She still doing it in her late 50's. Maybe there is hope for me after all.
5. The swinger called me today, and asked why don't I call or text him anymore. Maybe he should get a clue.
4. Is it ever smart for a woman to take care of a man. In particular, why pay his child support. If he made the children shouldn't he be the one to take of them.
3. Abortion should not be used as birth control. Why put that type of stress on your body anyway.
2. If you want to keep a man, her is some advice,"DON'T GET PREGNANT". Nothing makes most men run faster than a baby with a woman he does not truly love.
1. If only I knew then what I know now I would of gotten a two year degree(preferably nursing)first. Why don't more people know that some bachelors degrees are not always worth the paper they are printed on. This alone would save many young adults thousands of dollars in debt.


Errata said...

wow, you nust be genious.

alissa said...

um... maybe you should be straight up with the swinger. be like... "yo... you ain't doin it for me no more" or "this ain't a friendly relationship... we ain't kickin it like that". but that's just me... i'm still bitter and can't stand that avoidance nonsense.

cassie is a mess. she should stick to being cute in the delias catalog. vivica. i dunno. still a mess. but looking better. grace jones. bad bad bad. she's that chick.

Sally says said...

Yeah saw the cassie performance too. I coulnt believe how terrible she was! She was so nervous and it translated into her doing her whisper rendition. She had no spunk or strange presence!

the sad thing is people will still buy her music cuz she pretty!
I saw her You tube version and I couldnt believe my eyes..she showed her true colors there eh? The little tart!

I feel you on the school point u made

TTD said...

amen to #1! lol
didnt see the cassie performance but you can tell from the song that she's not that talented! and wow - oral sex? didnt know that

Sally says said...

You can see what a fire crotch cassie is on this highly rotated first video for me and you on this sight..Get ready to see Cassie in her bare essentials and this vid really let the nay sayers know what the song is suggesting...

Anonymous said...

Ditto! Alisa is right. Just cut him loose. Tell him the truth, nicely.

Oh, and the don't get pregnant advice is priceless.

Raymond said...

Don't be dissing Liberal Arts.

Where else can you get the question, "What are you gonna do with it?"

I personally wish I had stayed in engineering.

So for us people who missed it, the Flava of Love chick actually crapped her pants on camera? You shouldn't feel set back. You need to feel set apart, as in she needs to be ostracized for that stupidity.

A woman on the move said...

LOL, I agree with everything.
But the classic backwards ass thinking we women tend to have will have to be numbers: 3 & 2.

Number 1: the biggest misconceptions A FOUR YEAR DEGREE. I actually have one in a area you would think would be useful- Business Marketing. The biggest lie you could ever tell a student is a Degree Will Set You Free…

beautyinbaltimore said...

@errata- thank you
@ alissa - I think you are right but, I think I may want to sample his goods again, and since I've been doing it with him, its easier to keep doing it with him, than finding someone new.
@ sally, a woman, and raymond- I can't beleive people are not talking about how useless some degress really are. It would save people so much money.
@ttd- Cassie should keep some things private or write a blog. It is not good to put yourself out there like that.
@ lovely- You have no idea how many women I have explained that theory to , and still the dummies go out and get pregnant.

Tired of being broke said...

Cassie, Rihanna and the whole boat load of no-talented-shower-singers, need to give it a rest.