Thursday, June 01, 2006

The meeting with the ex

Well,well,well guess who called me again. The ex "P"(aka little dick bandit) we are still arguing over the same problems that led to the breakup. His being to cheap(claims he is poor right now), not licking the pu***and too darn emotional. Can you believe this fool had the nerve to ask me if I would marry him. What? Is he crazy, Hell-to-the-naw(like my girl Whitney Houston would say). This fool just does not understand .I can not deal with a man who harasses me constantly about the state of his feelings for me. He had the nerve to say I should start looking to settle down soon because I am in my twenties and getting older. This fool is in his forties, maybe I should have told him he should be looking to retire soon since he is getting older( that would have shut him up). Anyway, I slept with him and the only question I could ask myself after was why, why,why. I have sleep with him numerous times before, so I know from past experience that he is no good in bed(well just a little bit). I guess this is just part of being in your twenties(aka young, dumb and and full of come). Should I give him another chance, I want to her your opinions. Channel

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