Thursday, June 01, 2006

Can you be to thin?(Nicole Riche)

I'm sure everyone of you have seen the pictures on Nicole Riche. All I have to say is good God that girl is thin. What makes her thinness seem so extreme was the fact that she was a celebrity before she became a size double zero and we saw her suddenly pop up super dupa slim out of the blue. So my question is, who or whatput that pressure on her to become so thin? Was it that her ex-bestfriend Paris Hilton is a size zero so she felt she needed to compete(in the dress size Olympics) since they were no longer bestfriends thereby, leaving Nicole without all of the press that she got when she and Paris were the best of friends? Well whatever the reason I am glad that she realized something is wrong with her appearance. It is very rare to find an adult woman in North America who is as naturally thin as Nicole. The thing about this whole fiasco is that she and new best friend Linsey Lohand(spell check) milked their unnatural thinness for all it is worth. The media and the fashion community just grew to love them as they became more and more skeletal. I question what this is saying to young and impressionable girls out there. I remember when their was a big controversy about fashion models being to thin but those model chicks have nothing on Nicole Riche. Am I the only one who finds it weird that as the average American woman continues to get bigger, the women in magazines and on television continue to get smaller. Anyway, give me your thoughts.


tout noir said...

I had to leave a comment... we have way too much in common: fashion, beauty, cats and Zap Mama!

Nicole and Lindsay are both good friends of Ana. I've been there so I know what it means to get highs from starving. It's a real psychological disorder and I know too many people who suffer from different stages of it.

A lot of stars have to appeal to foreign markets and in Europe, most women are skinny. That might be another contributing factor.

God deliver us from Ana! lol

beautyinbaltimore said...

Do you have a blog tout noir? Parlez vous francais?

Anonymous said...

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