Monday, May 29, 2006

My very first post

Today I am writing my very first post. Now the question is why have I waited so long to start writing and the answer is , I'm not quite sure. I have been reading various blogs for almost a year now and I thought to myself "Hey, I can do that". So now I have finally decided to sit down and do it. Over time this blog will cover a wide range of topics . I have varied interests so, each day you may find a new post quite different from the last. There are currently so many things going on in my head that I am not quite sure where to start. Anyway, thank you for reading my blog.

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A disillusioned Naija girl said...

You've been reading blogs for a year? And you only just started yours? Damn. I think I realised its potential immediately, plus I have major issues (I think), so I thought this is the perfect outlet for all the shit I may not necessarily say to people in real life. Good luck with the blogging.