Sunday, February 05, 2012

blue movies

Why has p0rn become so violent towards women?

Why are so many women willing to do such extreme things?

When I first started watching p0rn, I thought shooting on a woman's back was too much.

Now I see women swallowing "come" and letting guys put it in their eye(wth is that about?)

Do men really hate women this much?


The Professor said...

I think it comes down to what they're willing to take.

The swallowing, I don't really see as an issue as long as they know the risks, but the cum in the eye is a boner-killer.

What really freaks me out is the strangling - just gripping the throat while pounding away. Looks very, very uncomfortable.

Anonymous said...

Not sure what swallowing cum has to do with men hating women.

If I had to guess it (swallowing and hardcore porn in general) has to do more with domination and low self-esteem than hate.

That and to be fair; how much juices do men have to go through when they go down on women?

mak azubike said...

@ Proff; There is a link between asphyxiation and the orgasm, probably explains why hung men of old (from the neck) jizzed themselves.

In porn nowadays (and in business generally) shock-value sells. The one who's most willing to do what the other isn't is the one everyone will watch. *two girls one cup, anyone?

Beau O, I hail O. Please keep writing. I want to find a way to rally you readers. [Naija women that have the balls to talk sex are the shit!] I'll be reading and commenting-- not that my 16cents matter. Please keep it up!