Thursday, June 02, 2011

elderly people

What is it with elderly people that once they reach the 80+ mark, they stop giving a darn. Nothing and no one scares them. They don't hesitate to tell you how they feel and what they think about you? I grandmother goes in on both my mother and my uncle and occasionally me. When my mother tried to get her to take her medicine, she told my mother she has a mouth like an alligator.  


Tina said...

My grandma (God rest her soul) used to be like that. When you buy her something instead of saying thank you, she will ask for a complementary item. You bought bread, no butter or Milo to go with it?

I guess its because they have been there and done that. And besides no one can really tell them off - all because of respect for elders. And I think now the mark has shifted from 80+ to 65+ lol.

Azuka Okuleye said...

I do look forward to getting old. Things like etiquette and political correctness will be out the window.