Tuesday, May 31, 2011


It was about 11 years ago that I let the first man eat my pussy. He was also the second man that I kissed. Do you know that up until to today I still think about that man. I think I wrote about him before.  I really wish I had chosen to be with him instead of the idiot. He was the first man to give me an orgasm and it was not until years later that I realized he gave me an orgasm. I just remember having a very strong weird and incredibly powerful sensations running all thru my body that left me feeling drained.  I have not seen him in years.  I wonder if he still lives in Baltimore. 


af said...

Sometimes you'll be laying around (years later) and thinking "damn, that man was really good in bed". I feel like we all have those moments.
Look him up on FB!

Why are women hesitant to have men go down on them?

As for Dragrace; I watched a few episodes, but I was busy with school and work. LOGO does have some other good shows/movies online though!

BeautyinBaltimore said...

af- haha I should try to look him up on facebook. I just might marry him.

what is dragrace?

Midwest Chic said...

wow. I love that this post was INCREDIBLY honest.

blackstarr said...

Incorrigible, you are! lol

BeautyinBaltimore said...

@blackstar- me, really me lol.

@midwest chic- thank you.