Thursday, April 28, 2011

Looking Good

Ok got the toes done, feeling good and ready for sandals. Even got the eyebrows done. I was super hesitant about that because the last time I let someone do them for me, the lady jacked them up. What’s really funny is that same woman did them before and everything was good. I told her don’t make them short. what did she do? make them short.

So I went around for almost a month with caterpillars on my face trying to grow them in enough where I could shape them myself.  Having someone jack your eyebrows up really fucks with you as a woman.


Tami said...

Hello lovely lady - just passing through on "Next Blog" button and your 4/28/11 post is almost impossible to read with the gray font on black.

Happy blogging!

BeautyinBaltimore said...

hey tami, I just noticed that. I will fix it thanks.

Bianchii said...

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The Cat Hag said...

Glad that your eyebrows got done the way you wanted them to be this time. :)

The Cat Hag