Thursday, August 14, 2008

Random #4 of 08

5. Now see this right>>> here. I don't agree with the abuse but she deserved that ass whipping. How in the hell are you going to screw in your grand mama's house. Was she crazy? I know I waited a long time and not everyone is willing to do the same but damn. Why did they not go to a hidden part of the woods or something. The hell if I would take those types of chances in my families home.

4. As of today I drooped 23 pounds. Thank God. BP was 107/70 down from 126/80. Now 126/80 is not high BP but is was higher than what I was used to. It's funny how an extra 20 pounds can throw the body off.

3. Why the hell the price of everything increasing at such a fast rate. The coast of food is skyrocketing. A pastry that I buy at the farmers market has increased from 1.75 to 2 bucks and I've noticed that bread ,milk and fruits and veg tables have also gone up.

2. I am so happy I don't drive right now. I am planing on buying a car thought. I need it for nursing school. Gas is to darn expensive although the price should start dropping since Saudi Arabia has pledged to increase output.

1. I am having fun with my natural hair again. I still haven't made it to a swimming pool yet but I will eventually.

My computer is acting a fool. If I am not around for a while, you know what's up. I will try to post as much as I can.


memphiz said...

Food is out of hand and have you notice how the portions are small also.

Anonymous said...

Gud you are losing weight at last, shows you no longer suffer from "hand to mouth" disease. Wish you luck with getting a car, just make sure you get a su'CAR' Daddy at the same time, cost of running those things are crazy these days, as for me, I'm sticking to my 'leg'gedis benz.

Wes said...

I think we're all experiencing some difficulties at the moment... But good luck w/ everything: you'll be fine.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

let me see the hair
and yep
she was SBIO - see my blog for explination - post today

Eb the Celeb said...

ugh... I need to lose bout a dozen pounds

miz-cynic said...

na wah o .at the risk of sounding like a born again christian which I'm not....'MAYB ITS SIGNS OF THE END TIMES OR JUST LIKE A ROCKER...PRINCE....its sign of the times

Ms.Honey said...

Sounds like something my momma would do if she had ever caught me..beat me senseless then ask the cops could i go live with them since they wanted to tell her how to raise her children lol

Muze said...

yay for you being natural and having fun with it!

yay for you dropping the weight. what have you been doing?

gas is ridic. i'm about to buy a car so i know it's gonna suck, but it's gotta be done.

hope all is well hun.

Anonymous said...

i'm feeling you on the price of things these days. going to starbucks everyday for me is like paying another rent bill...

rebecca said...

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wienna said...

Sis, it's been over a month since you updated. Hope all's well at your end. Pls update on time. Miss ya.


um, where you at, Miss Beauty?

Dominican Enigma said...

you haven't posted in a minute. Where are you!