Monday, June 16, 2008

R.Kelly Is Not Guilty-SAY WHAT?

R.Kelly is not Guilty
When I read this ^^^ across my computer screen I could not believe it. R. Kelly is not guilty-all of the 14 charges were dismissed. I really thought they were going to nail this sicko. I mean, the tape was not so distorted because you could/can make out that it is R.Kelly in the tape without straining your eyes.

I went to one of my favorite gossip blogs this morning to check out the comments, and what I read truly did not surprise me. There were a number of people like myself who think that idiot should burn in hell. There was an equally large number of people who want to blame the 13 year old for what happened by calling her all types of names including but not limited to, whore, tramp, slut, and fastass. Since when have we in the black community decided to hang our girls out to pasture in this manner. Things like this give more proof to Evia's talk of DBM and the black Mammys in our community.

If this is the way that we now treat our young women, then maybe I need to turn in my black card. I have no desire to be around or associate myself with people who think that it is okay, alright or normal behavior for a adult male to have sex with such a young girl. Have any of you seen the video? I have, and let me tell you something, that little girl could not pass for anyone's 18 years old. Her body was in the earliest and I mean earliest stages of puberty as her chest was almost flat as board and she had no hips to speak of. Even in the quick shot of her face, she had the look of a very young child.

From what I've read, R. Kelly is suppose to be this little girl's Godfather. I can only imagine how sick he really is to have had sex with her after standing in a church with her when she was a small baby to baptised(comment from RWB). I wonder if during the day of her baptism he was dreaming of the day he would piss in her mouth. What a degrading way to treat another human being. At 13 years old, there is no way that this young baby could of been into this type of stuff, she was simply led along by a man who was much older and experienced than she was.

Many people want to make a big deal out of the fact that the young girl managed to have intercourse with R.Kelly without looking like a novice. To those who made note of her experience I say, who do you think taught her??? Maybe R. Kelly was the one to break her in. I am very sure that the episode we saw on camera was not the first time he slept with her. I've read that R.Kelly paid the young girls parents off. If that is true, then what type of parents did this young lady have? What man would pimp his daughter out for any amount of money. Reading this makes me wonder if the father had his way with her also.

The sad thing is, the life of a dog is worth more than the body of a black girl. While Micheal Vic sits a prison cell somewhere for fighting and killing dogs, R.Kelly remains a free man after fucking and pissing on (and in the mouth of?) a little girl. Is it any wonder black women, that we are treated in the manner that we are, when so many of us want to make excuses for this type of behavior. A number of black people are running around saying I am glad he got off because that would of been another black man in jail, and to them I say- SO WHAT. This is not a one time thing for R. Kelly, he has done it multiple times. Furthermore,I don't care what color a person is, if they do the crime, they should do the time. I find it outrageous that black people can rally around Sean Bell and the Jenna 6 but this little girl has her body violated and we have a large number of people on the molesters side. Or maybe if a white man did it then black people would be more untied and ready to protest.

Why are so many black women willing to sacrifice everything to protect black men? Where are the black men to protect us? Why are so few of them militant and loudly vocal about the destruction of the image of the black woman?

check this link for R. Kelly sex facts. This is nothing new for him. I saw this at sterohype.

The following bloggers have posted on the R. Kelly acquittal. Please check them out.
What about our daughters


Anonymous said...

There are not too many of the black men. That's why.

Wes said...

You don't post often but, Girl, when you do you ALWAYS have something to say. I have also heard others say that they're glad he got off b/c that would be one less black man in jail. I feel like I'm alone out here, I feel like yelling "WAKE UP!"... Do you not realize the severity of this trial and what this man has done?
I think that b/c he was brought up on charges soooo long ago, and that the girl is no longer a child people are dismissing the seriousness of what has been done and it's sad.

Anonymous said...

Very well said Beauty. Comments like the one you talk about offer a sad commentary about life in the black community.


GC said...

why is he still on the radio?
Mystikal disappeared like that!
why is R still on the radio? They have me changing the station at least twice a day.

this black girl said...

it comes down to the poor girl's parents. the prosecution had a poor case because neither the girl nor the parents would testify.

if he'd done such things to my child, i would do all i could to make sure he fried in jail.

the whole thing is just sad.

1/3 of what I used to be said...

I couldnt agree more with this whole post. I wanted to scream when i heard he was not guilty. That tape broke my heart and i thank god i had people to protect me from men like him when i was her age. I wish someone was there for her the way people were for me:-(. R.kelly will get his. You def reap what you sow..

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

man, we should vigalante his azz

LeAnne@Hairs My Story Team said...

Makes me vomit in my mouth to see this grown man get off. It makes me equally sick to see how many black mothers support this jackass. And, then have the AUDACITY to blame eurocentric media, IR dating, and institutionalized prejudice for self-esteem and self-hate issues in the black community. PLEASE! Spare me! You're own negligence as a mindful parent contributes to your child's failures in life.
If non-black people supported rape and molestation in their communities we would be QUICK to jump their throats in dismay. Why we don't do the same with our own race?

BeautyinBaltimore said...

@Leanne- I here I was thinking you were all about hair. Girl, you are a firecracker and you tell it like it is and are absolutley right. I think those types of women would sell their daughters too.
@ torrence-We should
@ 1/3 of what I used to be- YOU were lucky because many young black girls don't have a strong family to protect them.
@this black girl- Very very sad.
@gc-I don't listen to the radio but I've read a number of posts from people in chi town who say his music was all over the radio after he got off.
@akin-thanks and I am looking for you to host&toast me if I ever visit Amsterdam again.
@wes-thank you and yes I think the fact that 6 years have passed have also played a part in his getting off too. We don't know or understand the longterm damage to those girls who were molested by R.Kelly. That could set them up for problems in their adult relatioships.


okay, I haven't been a fan of R. Kelly's but a jury of his peers decided that there was insufficient proof to send him to jail. We have to leave it at that for now and teach our sons and daughters the importance of self respect and respect for others.

I pray for all young people who are victims of pedophiles and other acts of violence against the person and being.

Anyway, beauty, hope all is well with you in Baltimore. take care and thanks for this post.

Anonymous said...

I'm in NY, not Amsterdam. If your ever in NY, let me know. Thanks Akin.

LadyWritesTheBlues said...

This is so sad! I can't believe he got off!!! What kind of world are we living in?!??

Anonymous said...

Justice will be sought if people really care about the situation and would like to get rid of him.

Should the parents and this young lady testify? if they did would it have been any different?

blackstarr said...

It is a sad case. I went to Kelly's Sex Facts. I can't say whether or not these are facts, but, if even just half were true, this would make him one sick puppy. The savage abuse of our young people has to come to an end. I don't know what the solution is, but, I am willing to put forth the effort towards any positive plan that would lead to a better day.

One commenter asked "Why is he still on the radio?" I suppose the answer is money. Another reason is that the public has always had a short attention span, and history fades as rapidly as the evening sun fades from the sky.

I have blogged so much about the remarks that Kanye West made in Ebony magazine where he said that (long ago and I forget the exact words, but, the intent is unchanged) "if it weren't for video girls, there wouldn't be any music videos". "Video girls" meaning light, bright women of mixed heritage. He went on to say "Yeah, we like 'mutts' - that's what we call them in da 'hood" No matter how much I blog about it, It irritates me to no end that West made all of those derogatory remarks and his records sales never skipped a beat. Kelly is on his way to the same path. Unless bloggers keep things of this nature at the forefront of people's minds, nothing will ever change. Oh to imagine that he was convicted, dropped the soap in the shower, and was never heard of again. Peace.

Brigitte said...

Great post. It really saddens me when I'm reminded how little black girls matter in this society.

Luscious Librarian said...

Black women will have to stand up and be the Superwomen that we pretend to be.

Until we as a whole stand up and say you can't rape our daughters and get away with it without legal or financial recourse. I personally won't purchase any of his work.

And thought we can poo poo black men for being in jail or absent fathers we're going to have to say, as a whole "I'm not going to be anybody's baby mama."

Once we choose to be selective about who we let into our lives to love or abuse us and our children, this will continue to happen.

Adan's Ancient Kingdom said...

What a lucky man! I thought after they said he had kiddo porn on his home-computer i was like he's done....This is sad..I wanted him to face time for being perv.

Cheetarah said...

Girl if OJ could walk, MJ also free as a jay bird..Kells def gon get free,lol! Seriously doe we all know he did it, fanstastic musician, nasty ass humanbeing but dnt worry he gon get cot one day soon!

Eb the Celeb said...

Your comparison to the Vick situation...

my sentiments exactly

Toya said...

Let the church say "Amen."