Friday, December 28, 2007

black rock music

What type of music do you like? Know of any cool groups who are not mainstream(no radio play)

I have very eclectic tastes when it comes to music. As you can guess I am very disappointed by what I hear on the radio and see on TV. Thank God for the Internet and youtube. I have found so many artists who are very talented. Below are two black rock groups .

The first is a metal group from Rwanda. The group is called Dfe

The second group are equally talented. They have a more mainstream rock and roll sound(slight hip hop influence). The name of the second group is the Go Team.
. I think the
go team is a mixed band with a black woman fronting the group.


Lola Gets said...

I love rock music as well, but I havent done too much looking around for any. You should come check out my blogs "Manic Monday" series, you just might like it!

Plus, I LOVE that new pic at the top of your blog; where did you find it?


BeautyinBaltimore said...

@Lola- I googled the pic.

wienna said...

hmmm...u're indeed weird.

DMB said...

Thanks for the links. I am definitely, sorely, not up to date on any Black rockers out there. But I'm going to need something new--as soon as I can get off my current Led Zep/Godsmack obsession.

Siditty said...

I will definitely have to check out dfe. I already was familiar with Go! Team, they actually play them on the indie station on satellite radio. Honestly though, these groups will never get decent air play in America. Look at Fishbone and Bad Brains. White radios stations won't play them, black radio stations won't either. Really kind of sad you have to do hip hop or r&b to get any radio play.

Blkgrl said...

I SO feel you on your quest to find good music. I got so tired of the crap on the radio, I resorted to listening to country and found a new love. One day I'll be bold enough to go to a concert and feel comfortable of being the minority there. LOL!

Thank goodness for YouTube, MySpace, and internet radio. I've found some soulful crooners, i.e. Gary Taylor, Vikter Duplaix, and Hope and it's so very sad they don't get mainstream airplay.

taotechuck said...

You should check out Bedouin Soundclash and TV On The Radio. Both are racially mixed groups. The latter is one of the most challenging rock bands making music right now; their music is like no other, and has earned the band the support of people like David Bowie.

Anonymous said...

have you heard of Kenna? - he's not rock and roll, but strongly reminiscent of fun 80's tinged rock/pop.

I know I'm about 3 weeks too late with this comment, but I hope you hear him...he's an african.