Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Queen of the Hood!

Video of the day

Stop embarrassing your people! At one time we had to much pride to behave like this for all the world to see, and its been a while since we were colored.


jamie said...

i kinda feel her, i mean that dude was soo rude for running outside after them, buh still she cude hav handled it w/ more class, i wude hav thrown my drink on his ass and drove off...

BeautyinBaltimore said...

So you don't believe in leaving a 20% or more tip?

Tasha said...

I still don't understand why it was necessary for her to act like that.

Kpakpando said...

She seems to suffer from a limited vocabulary. I have no problem with her ranting but she realizes she is wrong right? Regardless of what she says, its abundantly clear that she couldn't really afford where she was eating, classic case of champagne taste, pocket.
tacky broad

Anonymous said...

I'm ashamed to even share the same skin color as that horrible women, she probably thinks that filet mignon is fish.

Soul said...

Actually, she has a point.

A tip is gratuity, it is not mandatory. Why are employers transferring the burden of their wages directly on to customers.

The waiter got a poor tip and had the audacity to run after a client in order to get a tip???. A tip is not part of the bill and it is high time waiters and waitresses alike start recognising that.
A tip is for exceptional service and even then it is not guarenteed.

What if she was not pleased with his service?
What if she was not pleased with the restuarant atmosphere.

I think there is a complete misconception about what tipping is for. And the worst part is that waiters let their employers hire them and then pass the burden of their wages onto cutomers. that is absolutely ridiculous.

I see her point.
She paid her bill she did not stiff anything.

What if she had simply said to the waiter, I did not tip you becuase you did not offer exceptional service?.
It really is that simple. You want a tip. Earn your tip.
And food restuarants stop paying your employees below minimum wage whilst making gross profits on a plate of food. It really is silly.

Nobody pays me extra at work if I bend over backwords to help a client. Or if I spend 24 hours hunched over my computer or whatever. Why the heck am I expected to pay a waiter for the privillege of serving me food I have paid for and for which he is already paid a wage?

How utterly crazy.
She has a point. I point blank refuse to pay a 20% tip for a meal? especially when soimetimes the resturants already pass add a 26% charge to my bill in the first place. HELL NO.
I will tip a waiter/waitress depending on how much attention they pay to my meal, to my guests and to me. If you do nothing exceptional.. then don't expect a tip (having said that, I automatically leave a 10% tip anyway). But again I see no reason why I should leave a tip just because I deigned to eat out.

Soul said...

and I can't believe that people are making this a 'black issue' dammint! only in America.

Did anybody ever stop to think that the waiter who ran after this woman would NEVER have the audacity to run after one of the white patrons who dined at that establishment....

They would have said something like, oh it's hard today and worked extra hard on the next person in order to guarentee a tip.

Beauty, when you go to macdonals and get served at the counter by 'Shaniqua' or 'tarisha' do you leave her a tip? with a smile ... do you leave her a tip?
Or do you ensure you get your change down to the last cent?
When you go to the local joint, or local soul food restuarant do you feel obligated to leave a tip?, and if you don't leave a tip do you think that they will have the audacity to run after you demanding that you pay them extra even after you've fully paid your bill.

That waiter damn near accused her of theft!. I f I were her I'd be suing him and the damn restuarant for defamation of character. WTH!.

Damn I'm about to go print out some shirts with a few slogans at cafe press..

10) HERE'S A TIP ......... OOPS MY BAD!

Siditty said...

This has got to be a joke. She is bragging about this huge bill, the 8 dollar tip, and referring to herself as colored, all the while, the baby in the background is crying. Classy.

Siditty said...

Soul, It doesn't appear she didn't tip him because his service was sub par, it was because she just didn't have enough money, which to me says she shouldn't have eaten there on that day, and waited until she got paid, or someone else was footing the bill. Tipping is common practice in many restaurants. If you don't like the concept, stay at home and make your own food.

Golden Silence said...
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Golden Silence said...

(Edited to correct a typo!)

I don't have much to say except...lord. I went from feeling okay to having a headache after watching this.

This crap is just giving those YouTube racists more ammunition to use against us. The racist comments I see on YouTube never cease to appall me.

Soul, it doesn't matter who was in the right or wrong with that tip. If she really had a valid complaint you could've (and should've) done it with more dignity and tact. She's not helping her case by cursing and acting like and idiot lacking home-training.

Golden Silence said...

"If she really had a valid complaint you could've (and should've) done it with more dignity and tact."

I meant "she"'s time for me to sign off and get some rest. My errors are too much tonight!

Soul said...

Again, You might want to read what I wrote a little carefully.

I find your either tip or stay at home attitude to be completely ridiculous.
Waiters and waitresses should be paid a living wage!!
They should not have to hussle clients who have paid handsomely for a meal already. Their employers are responsible for paying them, everything else is a bonus.
If you don't like the job stay the hell at home!

HOw stupid to say, oh if you don't want to give me extra money, don't come out to a restuarant to eat. that's just ridiculous.

So she gave him a little change, so what? he got something, the ungrateful wretch. What if she thought she was carrying more cash and wasn't. so what?
She spent $160 on the meal, his weages already come out of that meal.
Like it or not, waiters or waitresses having to hussle clients for a tip is not only vulgar but completely out of order.

Soul said...

@golden silence,
It's a shame you feel that this is what is giving youtube racists more ammunition.

Youtube racists or racists in general don't need any ammunition. What she did or didn't do isn't a black thing., yet a whole slew of waiters ahave come out and said...
oh black tables are too demanding, black people don't tip. black people blah blah blah.. that's why I don't like serving black tables.
Well.. good for them, I say black people should stop going to their establishments and spending good damn money on shitty service.

Because of this one youtube video, and black people are hear gnashing their teeth saying, oh she's setting us back, I'm ashamed she's black.. really?.
Dammit! she is just one woman, who went out, ate a meal, paid fully for said meal and left a not generoud tip. Something that people do everyday when they go to restuarants and all of a sudden she is setting the race back...danm when will this end.

So she dealt with it her way, what did people want her to do.. wear a suit, hold a bible and cry?
No matter how she carried herselve the youtube racists will still say what ever.
She wanted to let off steam, this was the way she chose. She's not starting a protest or whatever.

It's hilarious.. the mooning at the end is hilarious.. it's not the start of the next civil rights movement.. it's just a black girl (I don't really care what social class she is) letting off some steam.

Siditty said...

You are aware of this hustle so to speak, and you don't agree with it fine, but why go out to eat somewhere that subscribes to the hustle? Stay home or eat somewhere else. Why keep going back to a place that does that to waiters and waitresses? It isn't like a shock, pay them, that is how they make money, it is part of the program. To me it is tacky that if she did get good service, she leave an $8 tip on a $160 dollar meal. That wasn't even 10%. If she was eating at a restaurant like that, she should have known to think about tip ahead of time before ordering her food. She knew she was short on money before she got there.

Also mooning people will not help her cause. It really has me ignoring every ignorant thing out of her mouth, especially with all the cursing she is doing.

Soul said...

actually, this restuarant didn't subscribe to the hussle, that's the thing.
If they did, they would say on the menu that the gratuity is in included at a rate of X% for every meal. There are many restuarants that do this.

If I employed your logic, then I'd say to the waiting staff..

'if you don't like the wages you are being paid, find a new job or sit your ass at home' why go back every single day to a place called your 'job' that doesn't pay you to work? '

I don't agree with the hussle and where I'm from Waiters and waitresses get paid at least a minimum wage. Anything else is a bonus as it should be.

Golden Silence said...

Soul, you're never going to get the point, so I'll drop it. No point arguing with's like waiting for Godot---nothing comes out of it.

"Also mooning people will not help her cause. It really has me ignoring every ignorant thing out of her mouth, especially with all the cursing she is doing."

Exactly. Like I said earlier, acting like an idiot is not helping her cause. She is the epitome of a "hot ghetto mess."

BeautyinBaltimore said...


I want to add that you have very valid points about restaurant owners not paying workers well ,but blacks should not complain that they were not given good service or the same level of service that the table next to them,a group of professional white men were given(believed to be the best tippers).

People who wait tables are in that bussinees for the money and little else. If the professioanl white male tables are going to put more money in your pocket, its only natural that you would give their table better service.

For the record people who are thought of as bad tippers are Europeans, blacks, white women(they want to run you to death), poor and working class white people). Its really bad for blacks because many times other black people will not want to wait on them.

Soul said...

@Golden silence...

Thanks very much and of course you won't get my point either lol..
But notice how you descended into an insult just because you couldn't get your point across??..
Not much different from the woman in question is it?.

ho hum... go 'head with all of that'

Soul said...

@beauty... cool I knew you'd be open enough to at least think about what I was saying, even if you don't whole heartedly agree.

I do have to say though, in my experience, Extremely rich people are the absolute worst tippers out there and this is probably why the tip is included in the meal at many upmarket restuarants. you have to physically cross it out if you feel that your waiter was not worthy of the tip.

Oh and on the European note, in most European countries waiters are paid at least the minimum wage, it is illegal to hire someone and pay them beneath the minimum wage.

one more thing, are you really suggesting that black people should pay for and accept a lower service standard because the 'stereotype' is that they don't tip. And that this one woman is proof positive of said phenomena?

Again, I'd say... only in America.

jamie said...

beautyinbmore, yeah i do, buh the service/food has to be good.

Anonymous said...

I thought that it was interesting that 3-4 folks together couldn't ante up at least 15% or more. I assume that since she didn't rant about how poor the service was it was probably adequate at the least. I don't think that it was too hard for them to come up with ~$6 apiece.

I also wasn't ready for the ass at the end.

BeautyinBaltimore said...

I do have to say though, in my experience, Extremely rich people are the absolute worst tippers out there.

You are very right, and I've read waiter rants on the rich too.

"are you really suggesting that black people should pay for and accept a lower service standard because the 'stereotype' is that they don't tip"

No, I beleive we should tip the standard when treated well.

I also realize that being a good tipper won't bring about equality between the races.

Also, many restaurants in Europe make the tip a part of the bill.

Muze said...

okay. wow. i wasn't aware that i was 'colored'. but however unintelligently i think this woman told her story, i think that this restaurant was waaaaaaay out of line. i think soul is right. if it had been three white women there is no way they would have been followed out of the store and 'scolded' for not leaving a tip in the amount they think they should have gotten. period.

i don't give 20% tips automatically. if someone is in this field, they chose to be. and they should choose to make the most of it by giving excellent service. if they don't, then i am not inclined to leave a significant tip, period.

i work at a bank and count thousands of dollars every day BY HAND. no one gives me a tip for making sure their account is accurate. puhleese.

Soul said...

@beauty. (i like your posts beuaty, they are always interesting)
I live in 'Europe', UK to be precise. And yes many restuarants add the tip on a seperate line in the bill. I never pay it that way I always cancel it off, and tip waiting staff in cash.

There is absolutely no indication from this woman and her video/diatribe that she was treated well or appallingly, I'd be inclined to think that the service was mediocre at best! but many people presume she was treated exceedingly well, despite all the revelations here and in the youtube comments by racist service personnel.
Why is it that people believe that this waiter suddenly bent over backwards to accomodate this woman.

Again, if this group had been comprised of three white women, damn the issue would have been on good morning america!.
Nobody would be saying 'white women don't tip' or 'stay at home' if you can't leave a decent tip.

Again I think there is a fundamental misunderstanding of what tip/gratuity is.

Amen! you get it too!.

Siditty said...

"actually, this restuarant didn't subscribe to the hussle, that's the thing.
If they did, they would say on the menu that the gratuity is in included at a rate of X% for every meal. There are many restuarants that do this"

I live in Dallas, and contrary to popular belief, not all my meals come exclusively from Burger King or McDonalds. I have eaten in some nice restuarants in my time, and MOST restaurants do not mention tip, unless it is referring to larger groups of people. I have gone to restaurants where a meal of two is over $300. I know I am not making this up.

I had a friend in college who waited tables at a Chili's, at that time she worked there, she was making $2.45 an hour. Her lively hood was in her tips. Mind you she is a college student, she isn't planning it as a career, but none the less, that job helped her out in school. Imagine if she was using that for a living? Some waiters make great money just on tips alone. Others don't. I personally can tell you, I couldn't wait tables, I am not patient, and I would curse someone out talking to me crazy at the drop of a hat.

A tip is not a requirement, but at the same time, if you are going out to eat, are enjoying your experience, and have some type of compassion for the hard work they do, you would think that tipping would no longer be an option, but a given since your experience was enhanced by your waitstaff.

Siditty said...

"She spent $160 on the meal, his weages already come out of that meal."

His wages didn't come out of that meal, the company's profits and general overhead did. His wages comes from his tips, which I do subscribe, if you don't want a commissioned based job, don't go into waiting tables, but that is just me.

Siditty said...

"I live in 'Europe', UK to be precise. And yes many restuarants add the tip on a seperate line in the bill. I never pay it that way I always cancel it off, and tip waiting staff in cash."

That puts a whole different spin on things, over there, you have a whole another system in your restaurants. We don't get a tip suggestion here, tipping is almost expected here. You location puts a whole another spin on your point of view.

And I read everything you said, but again your location put a whole different spin on why your point of view is the way it is.

Thembi said...

In THIS country, waiters and waitresses get paid with the assumption that diners will leave a tip. Otherwise the bill would be way higher like in other countries where waiting on another person is compensated directly. They're just people working to support their kids like everyone else! To give 5% tip and then turn it into an issue, all the while referring to yourself as colored...this is that not-so-fresh black girl feeling right here. Have you EVER been out of the house you ghetto broad?!?! REJOIN SOCIETY!!!

Thembi said...

What killed me further is that she pointed out The Cheesecake Factory and Benihana's as examples of fine dining...

Soul said...

ahhh sidditty.
I've lived in the US as well and I pop in and out of New York at least 5 times a year I've also lived in Nigeria which has an even bigger emphasis on money and 'tipping' for more than just the food industry.

Here's the thing, you mentioned that your friend was being paid $2.45 an hour...
I'm afraid that does mean that her company thinks her time was only worth $2.45 and that money does come out of the price of a meal.

you said you've been to restuarants where a mealk for 2 is $300 and they didn't include the tio in the bill.. ahh alas we have been to different places. I can accept that your dinning experiences have differed to mine.
So I'm afraid I can only offer you my contrasting experience.

I completely agree that if you have enjoyed the dinning experience, show you gratitude, but you cannot dictate by how much I should show my gratitude. And if my gratitude does not meet your expectations, you have no right to run after me in a parking lot claiming that I have stolen 'stiffed' you for a bill which has already been paid. Whether you liked the tip or not.

Again, this would not happen if these girls were white, or if they were extremely rich men. Scratch that, this waiter would not have the audacity to do it to 3 buff guys sitting at his table.. he would have had to take it on the chin.

Nneka's World said...

What i did not like about the clip is how the girl referred to herself as "coloured" and referred to the white people as Caucasians.
She was just all over the place,
but i have to agree with her in some aspect, it was wrong for the guy to chase her and make her feel like a criminal because of she did not leave a good enough tip..
But she should have handled the situation better.

@soul, i so feel you...

Coffey0072 said...

I'm afraid I agree with Soul's posts. All of them, as I get and got the crux of Soul's point. That's it.

Oh, and I do tip. ;-)


I'm sorry, if you have enough money to rack up a bill of $160, you should be balling enough to leave a tip! Wait staff live off tips and it is proper to leave them a tip. Now, if they were rude and or unprofesional or unpleasant - then a tip is out of the question.

Ladies like that character make it hard for other Black folk to get decent service at many restaurants. There is a perception that Blacks do not tip and that when we do, it is lousy. Now, I understand that not everyone has loads of cash, but, like I said, if you can order a filet mignon dish, then leave a tip. If not, roll up to McDonalds and get yourself a #5.


unbannable 2.0 said...

"Yuck, I hope you are not trying to tell us something. First the blowup doll and now this."

Yes, you guessed it. Mr. Afro*erd is a weird character. Do a little digging like some others have on Desmond and you will find out that this guy is a 44 year old man who still lives with his mother and has a love for white women and a dislike of Black women. He's not trying to uplift Black folks, he's trying to get paid by using Black issues as a conduit. Take a look at his blogroll, ever notice how there is a dating site mixed in with the other links. A little odd, right? Well that is HIS site also, and an interracial dating site to boot.
The point of al of this is, one should not label others as dysfunctional when their own situation is dysfunctional.
Check all of this out for yourself, you might want to take a step back before buying what this guy is selling.

Golden Silence said...

I went out to dinner with five classmates from tae kwon do this past Friday, and our bill was about the same as this hoodrat's. But unlike her, we paid a decent tip (at least $20) and none of us showed our asses!

Elle* said...

I was with homegirl until she mooned the camera. Now, that was just plain tacky! No she didn't. And no, tipping is not mandatory it is a courtesy. That waiter was wrong to do what he did indeed. But, boo, if you can't afford the tip then maybe you really can't afford to eat there!!

I remember once I thought this restaurant put the tip on the bill. I was paying with my debit card and I did not have any cash. My friend had lost her wallet so I ended up putting the whole bill on my card. After I signed the slip or whatever, and left, that mu*&^#$&^#) had the nerve to chase me out of the dame restaurant and ask me if there was something wrong with the service. Then smiled, and had his pen and paper ready! I was looking at him like he was crazy. I was so embarrassed. First of all we were in Chelsea on a summer night so u know it was packed outside! I just searched through my pockets and found 3 crumpled dollar bills, handed them to him and walked away. Red in the face. I was so upset cause I AM NOT A STINGY TIPPER OR A STIFF! I thought the bill encompassed the tip. Plus, like I said I barely had cash. So I felt her pain. But um, the mooning was not necessary. And she isn't embarrasing me. She's embarrasing herself!