Monday, October 01, 2007

Better Than Nothing!

I am getting ready for two exams

I am stressed

I am coming down with something.

I am going to return soon.

I am waiting for more comments on the post below

I am asking that you check out the following blogs while I am away:

Thembi is oh so funny and she had a very nice time in Asia recently.

Shelby is living the life that I should be living in Italy.

Olanina is such a brave woman, she packed her bags and moved to Serbia. She is also into rock.


Oracle said...

You're getting ready for two (2) exams, you're stressed.
All on independence day?

Wish you luck in your exams

Dominican Enigma said...

I'm sure you will do amazing on your exams. Just believe you can, and you will do fantastic.

shelbyinitalia said...

thanks for the blogroll add beautyinbaltimore!

MysTery said...

Hope you feel better!!

Mae B. said...

Good luck on your exams. I did it 14 years ago with a toddler and got pregnant my last year.

Anonymous said...

good luck sweetie