Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Did You Find something that you like?

I feature a number of blogs in my posts, and on my blog roll. If you have found a blog that you like from my blogs of the moment list or blog roll, can you please tell me the name of the blog. I'm curious if people really check out those links and maybe I helped to bring bloogers together. My lurkers, will you answer this question also.

P.S. I love my blacks who travel blog roll, do you?


Salesdiva said...

Hey Girl, I've clicked on a few links to check em out. I won't list them all but She's So Fly is one that I now check out. Stop by and visit me sometime.

jezi brown said...

i like pussy cat bitch
i wouldnt have found her without you

Ananda said...

i just discovered your blog from black girl interrupted's blog. i love to find out what folks are blogging about. so i travel the links. you have many good ones i will visit and may comment on my blog. best wishes with nursing school. your polygamy blog post was incredibly interesting. i will check out the link. peace, ananda

Rhemy said...

Hiya BIB,
Your blog in general is always interesting and I visit some of the blogs from time to time. Many thanks for posting and highlighting my blog. I have also found many other interesting blogs by linking to you. Best wishes in your academics and please, continue to link and update us.
Many thanks,

Naturally Sophia said...

I really appreciate the honorable mention I you gave me on your blog. How I love Sistahs supporting Sistahs! Keep up the good work! And I responded to Sister living in Japan once from your Blogroll. Stay Blessed!


Trouble said...

Hey Beauty! I lurk on your blog from time to time and what a wonderful surprise to find that you've linked me! Thank you for that and for linking to some pretty amazing blogs.

afro jamaicano said...

trouble has hit up ur blog!! i luvs troubles blog

Lola Gets said...

Well, I got to your blog through another, but I dont remember which one. Through yours, I believe (?) Ive found Amadeo, Golden Silence, Coffee Rhetoric, Naijabloke, What Would Thembi Do, and ...My Part of the World. For a while I had a decent Nigerian and Kenyan readership, lol.

So, in answer, yes I do check out your links, lol.

One of these days Imma do a blogroll of these days, lol.