Wednesday, August 22, 2007

How to make a man feel good sexually!week of 8/20/07 post

Now you know I don't have all of the secrets but you know who does, Erykah Badu, ever notice how the men she has relationships with change after she gets her "gripers"(tightened pus#y muscles) around them. I bet she knows Alexyss Tylor. As a matter of fact this is the vagina power that Alexis is always hollering about. Read this post , to find about about the potency of Erykah Badu's love juice.

As Alexyss says there is the good di#k and the bad dick. NOT SAFE FOR WORK. View here . Lauryn Hill got some of the bad di*k, thats why she has changed so much.

I only have a few more days and then I am off to school. I think I may start blogging more again because I am sure I will have plenty to get off of my chest.

Yall know that financial aid office is still bull sh*ting me right. Yea, they came up with yet another form for a sister to fill out. Just so you know this is a majority white institution, so yes financial aid is a mess at any school.

I should call the swinger so he can give me a good luck fuck before I start school.

Guess who I saw today? Small Daddy aka Baba Kekere(new readers check the archives from September). He had the nerve to ask if we can go back to how we were before. I started to tell him if he uses a razor and gets a penile implant but you know I am not that evil.

Lurking on peoples blogs and never saying hi is mean and creepy!

Blogs of the week

Nappyme is a blog for sisters with natural hair or those thinking about letting go of the creamy crack.

Do you enjoy African druming and dance, if so this site is for you.

Now tradtionally we are taught to respect our elders right, so tell me why some of them try to make it so hard to respect them. Chruch folks kicking butt.

That slap took two days to connect to the old mans face and his punch took a week to get around. I tell you, getting old is a bitch. WE got to enjoy our youth while its here.


natural muze said...

omg that baduism is HILARIOUS! humanity critic did a post like that once and got chewed out! lol.

and yes, for all of us heading back to education institutions, financial aid is a @ 'good luck fuck'. ha.


Golden Silence said...

Being an older churchgoing person and acting like you have common sense don't seem to correlate here. I just couldn't believe the punching and slapping going on.

And yes, I agree that you should enjoy youth while you can. I just can't imagine myself being "old," but that time will sneak up on me when I least expect it.

Dominican Enigma said...

i've actually met Erykah Badu. She has an aura about her unlike any i've ever encountered so i def believe in that disease. lol.

M.Dot. said...


You did it.

Imma laink to it.

yanni said...

hi I've been lurking for over a year but I hate writing comments, I find your blog interesting as I can relate to some of the issues you had in the past...later, Yanni

omo naija said...

LOl at erykah badu!
you must realy like this taylor woman though! i still think shes a tad bit wacky!
yah! to enjoying youth!

afro jamaicano said...

yeah once badu gets her "sugar walls" around a man's luv pipe, the dudes seem more manish, and masculine.... haha!

those church folks know they arent right and that they are ALL going to hell on bloks of ice haha they shude hav gotten all dat shih str8t before they hired the man

TTD said...

i thought u went to morgan??

Strength/Courage/Wisdom said...

Baduism link was a trip! I also saw the humanity critic post on that issue. Perhaps there is some truth to this epidemic! =)

Luscious Librarian said...

Hilarious, absolutely hilarious. 'Lauryn Hill got a hold of some bad di@k'. I had to stop myself from spitting. I think Lil' Kim and Foxxy Brown gotta hold of some of the bad stuff too. And we don't even have to talk about Whitney.

Congratulations on Nursing School. I just started my Grad Program for Library Media. There is something so comforting about carrying books in the fall.