Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Looking good and being a mature woman go hand in hand

All pics from Sartorialist. In my opinion he is the best St. Fashion blogger.

In this country for whatever reason when women reach a certain age they decide that no longer need to make looking good(mom jeans anyone) a priority. Please understand this is not about looking good for a man this is about looking good for yourself. We have a way of communicating how we feel about ourselves to the world (Science can't explain everything)without saying a word. People know you have low self -esteem before you open your mouth. When you feel good about yourself people will treat you better. As I mature and grow into being a Woman, I hope to be as fly as these ladies.


Golden Silence said...

You can definitely have style without resorting to "mom jeans" (gasp!) when you get to be a certain age. I think "mom jeans" should be discontinued.

Forty doesn't have to mean "frumpy"!

BeautyinBaltimore said...

Exactly golden