Sunday, May 20, 2007

My hair

I decided to relax my hair today(after 12 weeks) and so as I am washing out the relaxer I notice that there is a sizable amount of hair in the sink. My first thoughts were Oh God, the creamy crack has finally caught up with me. What am I going to do. I immediately started thinking about the wigs that I would need to by so that I can cover up my chemical disaster.

Never relax and color your hair at the same time. Either relax or color&natural hair. What did I have a chunk of my hair lightened about 9 weeks ago.

About five minutes later, I figured that if my hair broke off extensively than maybe this will be my big chop sans a transition period. I continued to wash my hair and told myself that what has happened has happened.
Well, I combed my hair out after washing and conditioning and thank God I did not lose an excess amount of hair.
I am making a promise to myself today that I will have one more relaxer in August and after that I am finished with relaxers. I going to be a natural chic again baaaabeeeee.


M.Dot. said...

I been nappy since '94.

Its fun.

Requires patience b/c el pelo has a life of its on.

But I rocks w/ it.

I loves a mean wig too.


afro jamaicano said...

why not bribe a friend to come over and hot comb ur hair? or use the "white girl straightner"? thats wuh my female frins do. if u use a "white girl straightner" u'll have to wake up about 10 mins erlier everyday, buh ull get into a routine

why not do a kelis look?

Amadeo said...

The only thing comparable for me is getting haircuts...and stopping that was easy. I keep the money, make less trips and don't sit and wait. No problem.

afro jamaicano said...

@ my barbershop u come in @ 12 and leave @3, it's insane, they'll sit there and eat, talk, and then cut a bit of hair! buh i do like the way they cut hair, and i can't go around iwth long hair b/c it's not professional in my line of work

The shopaholic. said...

Nappy hair can be hard to maintain. I have a love/hate relationship with mine.

Golden Silence said...

Nappy hair can be hard to maintain.

Not necessarily. After vacillating between twists and locs, I have stayed with locs for over a year and it just takes patience. It's not that hard once they start to truly loc.

Anonymous said...

I went natural a few months ago myself and I LOVE IT.... I do get a CARMEL treatment every now and then which is kind of like a relaxer but NO CHEMICALS... Not sure if they have it in your area but anywho...