Friday, May 04, 2007

Model of the month

>May's model of the month is Jessica Stam. I debated with myself whether I should make Jessica Stam the model of the month because I try to focus on black models since they seem to get so little love in the industry. Jessica Stam made me change my mind because an excellent model is simply an excellent model, and should be appreciate no matter what her race is.

Jessica Stam or Stam as she is known in the modeling world, is from a small town in Canada. In no time she made her way to the majors. I think one of the reasons that she is so popular is that she has a very versatile look which can go from waif to rich socialite easily. Stam is also genuinely pretty and the best looking model from that alien bunch. Marc Jacobs likes her so much he named a bag after her, the Stam.
P.S. Watch Stam take a hard fall on the runway in this youtube video.


dolly said...

Eyahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, that was really a hard fall

Golden Silence said...

She was the one that fell in a live runway show?!..."fashion roadkill!" (Sex & the City)

She looks gorgeous in that first shot of her.

dairy of a G said...

forget this fashion stuff I don't know nothing bout those skinny tramps lol am playing

but i just read your random post
and i thought you were right about #1
but what do you mean about scandalous blogs like yourself
what don't I know?

afro jamaicano said...

her eyes are captivating, and she has that early 90's heroin chic thing going on, nice

aegeus said...

Did she fall or jump? That looked like a nasty fall! She looks hot in the pictures, and those blue eyes...