Wednesday, October 11, 2006

New Meat?

My new job has been taking its toll. I am so tired. I have little time to blog although I try to read as many of my favorite blogs as possible.

I met someone new. Another Nigerian(Yoruba) ,and he is a Baba kekere(small daddy). I don't know what is with me and short men lately. It seems as if that is all I am pulling to me. I think my little men have a serious case of Napoleon complex. This guy is another cab driver. That is another pattern for me, cab drivers. Maybe I should call a physic to figure out why I keep getting the interest of cab drivers. He is also in nursing school(nice money in the long run). He is not the best looking thing on the planet but he will do for now. Its not like I'm looking for a boyfriend. I am simply looking for someone to shoot the breeze with.
Small daddy can be a bit annoying though. He calls me like know mans business. If I don't answer the phone when he calls he may call me two or three more times until I answer. Most of the time I looking at the phone as it is ringing but, decide not answer it simply because I don't feel like talking. Small daddy says he is 30 but he is very young acting at times. Sometimes he can get so hyper, and it doesn't help matters that has the size of a teenage boy(before puberty).
He has been trying his hardest to get me to come over to his house to watch Nigerian movies with him. He came over last night and begged me to go over to his house or he said I should let him spend time with me in my apartment. He must think I am stupid as hell. I know what he was after, and the answer is no I did not let him come up to my apartment nor did I go to his house. He had the nerve to call me a little while later and start asking me about sex. He told me that he has never eaten pus^y. Now yall know if a man is not willing to lick me there is nothing that I can do anything with him. Once he said that I knew for sure small daddy won't get me anywhere alone. I refuse to be the first chic he goes downtown on. I heard nightmares from women who had men take the words "eating pu#%y" literally. I'm not trying to go to the emergency room with a chewed up coochie.


TTD said...

lmao @ "I'm not trying to go to the emergency room with a chewed up coochie" - i dont blame you!!

DiAmOnD hawk said...

abeg...baba kekere should be delegated to the DO NOT PICK phone list...hurry up and move him over.

Anonymous said...

toll not tool sweetie, the new job must be really bad if you missed that :-P

j said...

did I say haaaaaaaaaaaa?

The Mistress said...

I know that's right. No licking, NO STICKING. I'm there with ya on that one.

LMAO @ "He is not the best looking thing on the planet but he will do for now."

Through these eyes said...

Baba kekere???...upgrade him!

Anyways, thanks hon for showing me some love on my page. Smooches.

Organized Noise said...

I made the mistake of being the first guy this girl gave head to . . . I still have the scars to show for it.

BTW, there's are B-more blogger meet-up next weekend. If you're interested, let me know.

Anonymous said...

Gurl why are you having so many issues with the Nigerian men folk? LOL I need to find me a Nigerian man...

The Pussy Cat Bitch said...

LOL. Trust me when i say I've had my coochie eaten and its not pretty. Girl, you need a guy that makes you feel like your floating in the clouds when his kissing youre cooch. You dont want to find your clit with bite marks. I say move on to the next guy. Im sure it wont be difficult for your divalishes azz to find another dude. Hopefully the next dude will be tall and not a cab driver.

Anonymous said...

lmao@not gettin chewed-up coochie.. boy have i had a case of that... but you can sort of 'lead him in the right direction'... i dont think it'll ever be worse than my gurl got.. the man threw up after eating her out.. lmao... i just died.. everytime i saw him i laughed.. it was his first time and i guess her coochie didn't taste like his mama's honey tea.. but it couldn't have tasted that bad.. lol

girl u always crack me up.. gluck with work

Anonymous said...

lmao...girl ur mad funny jeez...pls dont let him anywhere near u oh cos it would be too bad lol seriously u wouldn want to be his first. nice one babe. thanks for stopping by my page.

Anonymous said...

Stop using Nigerian men as the butt of your jokes. its really geting tired!

Anonymous said...

Surely u can do better than a cab driver. c'mon

princessdominique said...

Wow sorry your job is kicking butt. Hopefully things will slow down.

Errata said...

Im with you on that job hustle. im quicklly tiring of it all i need to be a housewifey for real but uhh, Im with anonymous Nth degree, SURELY you can do better than a stocky old cab fare nukka?
u must need some get right tips

(we are definitley in the same boat my typos are thru the roof...i had 'stalky' up there 4 a min.)

beautyinbaltimore said...

@ttd- I'm very afraid of his mouth.
@diamond hawk- Maybe, I can't make up my mind.
@anonymous- thank you.
@j- I'm happy I could make you laugh.
@the mistress- That is my motto.
@through these eyes.
@organized noise- ouch, I'll think about it.
@sex ans sushi- Thats because I happen date Nigerian men more so than any other group of men.
@the pussy cat- I hope so too.
@overwhelmed Naija babe- Thank you, very are equally funny.
@ life through- your welcome.
@anonymous- Most of the men I have dated (exception: the swinger) have been Nigerian. Therefore,I don't make Nigerain men the butt of my jokes. I simply tell the story the way it happen. It you find it so offensive you can always keep it moving.
@anonymous- I like to think that we are all equal. I doubt if I would marry anyone anytime soon, just looking for some fun right now.
@princess dom- Thank you, I hope so too.
@erata- I'm a terrible speller. I'm just looking for some fun.