Monday, June 12, 2006

twenty things about me(1-10).

1.) I am only 5'8
2.) I have only had three boyfriends in my life(way to few)
3.) I really want my next boyfriend to have a big one( at least nine inches).
4.) I grew up in a ruff area but was still kind of sheltered from the dark side of life.
5.) I wear a size 11/42 shoe, yea I got big feet.
6.) Sometimes I sleep with my ex.
7.) I enjoy reading a number of blogs( such as afrochic,confesions of nneka,afrohomo, blakademic,conflicted consciousness,cake and icecream, on the verge of dating white girls, mimi in nyc etc... )
8.) I have visited Paris.
9.) I have a degree in History but I going to get a second degree in Nursing.
10.) I am saving money to travel this spring.


Busola said...

girl what do u mean 'only' 5'8????

some of us wish we could be that tall u know....hmph


Anonymous said...

eh? size 11 aint equal to 42....thats like a US size nine and even smaller in the assured your feet are okay

LondonBuki said...

I am a 42 and UK 8 and I feel your pain... it is so annoying.

I have been guilty of sleeping with my so called ex as well.

Be careful what you wish for cos this guy I was with was over endowed and I thought I was gonna die... LOL!!!

Any other American translations I need, I wil let you know.. thanks :-)

beautyinbaltimore said...

Busola the reson I said only 5'8 was because once upon a time I wanted to be a runway model.You are well aware that you have to at the very least be 5'9 to be a high fashion model.
anonymous, It is preety difcult to find shoes to fit my feet in the states.

Coffey0072 said...

I wear a size 11 shoe (much to people's amazement, because I'm told my feet don't look that big... thank GODDESS). I hate shoe shopping! I never find what I want and when I do, it's never in my damn size!