Monday, May 29, 2006

About Graduating From College

Hello, Why didn't anybody inform me about how college can shape your financial future in a negative way. How, do you ask can college crash and burn your fiancial future. Well lets start with the loans , hot darn I said the loans. So many people have cried about the loans they have been forced to take out to pay for school. I've read in numerous places that the average college graduate today owes something like twenty thousand by the time he or she graduates( not including the plastic monster credit cards). You know what, twenty thousand is a down payment on a house. It will probably take a new graduate ten years to pay off this type of debt if he or she wants to live comfortably while attempting to erase debts accumulated during their college years. Or you can go the smart route of a lot of people in our age group and move back home. That way you can get rid of your debt a lot faster. I'm seriously considering this option ,but I am hesitant to move back home because I have been on my own for so long now. I think I prefer my freedom. My lease is currently up and I'm trying to decide what I should do. Move back home or stay here in my own apartment. One of the major things that is holding me back is having to deal with my family members monitoring my movements. I do not want to tell my mother and grandmother what time I'm leaving and what time I will be back. I just love my freedom, but I want more freedom to do what I want with my money. You can give me your suggestions. Technorati ProfileChannel


low said...

If the job market is getting harder by the day, i know you can apply for a deferrment plan so you dont have to start paying ur loans anytime soon.
Moving home hasnt been that bad. Trust me this freedom thing is overrated. Yes i know folks can take the piss about monitoring ur movement but its either you give or they give in after u dont listen after a couple of times. Depending on how strict ur parents are tho. Good luck

beautyinbaltimore said...

Thank you, You made a very good point.