Monday, May 14, 2007

Drag Queens

This is a lazy post because I have one hell of a headache today.
Inspiration: Pussycatbitch

The men in the first video are participating in a ball(I forgot the proper name) this type of event is apart of a sub culture of gay African-American and Hispanic men. At these types of events you can see some of the most talented gay men in America. On a far smaller budget than the Grammys and MTV music awards these guys put on one hell of a show.

In the video I posted check out how the men can put Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks to shame when they were at their peak. Am I the only women who has been around effeminate gay men and felt very masculine.

In the second video watch how my man comes in at 1:41 and takes over, and don't front on that big guy watch him do that split.


Amadeo said...

I was at a Meshelle Ndegeocello show two weeks ago and there were several lesbian couples there. They didn't do it up like these guys, but they had no problem making out in public...with gusto.

afro jamaicano said...

that shih is crazy, i've seen some wear they wear costumes and really do it up big, not just out on the street haha

The Mistress said...


Lola Gets said...

I am such a fag hag; Im actually excited about the upcoming Black Pride Weekend!

But as a woman, I honestly feel that only biological women can define femininity - so dont feel masculine girl, youse a woman!

Ab said...

That looks like mt royal...