Monday, November 27, 2006

Bloggers are disappearing left and right and a little thank you.

Oh, I find that I am very sad lately. Why, you ask, well many of my favorite bloggers are or have decided to disappear or give up their blogs altogether. Many bloggers have decided to give up their blogs because they have they have decided that they have nothing else to write about or have entered a new stage of life. Another group of bloggers have decided to let go of their blogs because they wrote some things that came back to haunt them, and therefore decided to close their blogs. There is a third group of bloggers who seem as if they have disappeared off the face of the earth. A final group decided to leave because of the negative comments.
I must thank all of the blooggers who upon their decision to stop blogging, give their readers a post letting us know that they are going to discontinue their blog. To many bloggers stop writing and simply leave their readers in the dark as to their decision to stop blogging. For some reason this leaves a sour taste in my mouth. I realized that I have grown close or feel as if I know some of the people whose blogs that I read regularly.
I guess the feeling is similar to the way many people feel when they meet their favorite star in person. It's as if you know the "person" because you have spent so much time reading about that person's life. In blogland you develop the same feeling if not a stronger since of closeness because many boggers give their readers a more in depth and honest(?) look into their life ,mind, and thoughts on various issues. Bloggers, I think, are much more open because they get the chance to be anonymous, and show their true feelings versus the real world in which we must be PC at all times( I am well aware that many people create identities through their blogs). When a blogger that I have developed a quasi relationship decides to leave, I feel like I am losing a very close friend.

Lets have a moment of silence for the following blogs:

Afrochic - Black hipster chic who has very refined tastes.
Hammeddlot- Nigerian male living in England who talks about Soccer, soccer and more soccer and little bit of everything else.
Afrohomo - Gay Nigerian male discuses his life, opinions and inspiration.
Sistaintokoyo- An African-American lady living and studing in Japan.
AllThings "A"-An African-Ameircan lady and her opinions on life and her runins with her crazy neighbors. She is very, very, very funny.
Adebusola - Very nice upwardly mobile Naija girl.
A dissilusioned naijagirl - Please read this blog before she decides to take it off the web. It is very well written and she writes about a lot of topics that many other bloggers shy away from.
Overwhelmednajaibabe- Young Naija babe who writes about her life and the life of her family in an unbellievably open,honest, and poetic way. If you have not checked out this blog(very few who read this blog have not),please check her out.
Conflicted Consciousness- Thank God, Lovely has a few more bloggs to keep me going.

After watching all of my favorite bloogers disappear one by one, I have begun to think if maybe I should let my blog go also. Well, I seriously doubt if I will let my blog go anytime soon. I think I will keep writing for at least another year. I have not cleared my head of all my crazy thoughts nor have I found the perfect guy to hang out with. Look forward to more of my crazy analysis concerning life, a few more sex posts(if I get any),and my stories on any interesting/eccentric/weird people that I meet.

To all of the bloggers who have added me to their blog rolls and one time or another thank you very much. It is nice to know that other people appreciate what you write and see things your way(sometimes).

If I forgot anyone, it was truly by mistake. Or maybe I am unware that there is a link between our blogs.

P.S. I've found three very good blogs recently. Please check them out.


yankeenaijachick said...

@ beautyinbaltimore..that was very touching. I just found out about this blog some 3 months ago. Am not really good at it but it's fun reading other people's blog. Stay blessed this week.

Anonymous said...

Hey hun! Thanks for recognising the bloggers, and Overwhelmed is just taking a "weekend" break, she's kinda overwhelmed right now, she's still everly blogging!!

ChiefO said...

yeah overwhelmed is currently in an overoverwhelmed state of being, she'll be back soon. she better be else i'll give her a piece of my solid mind.

naijadude is not going anywhere either. i've threatened to search for him on google, and yahoo.

all others, i'm working on it.

afro jamaicano said...

thnks for the luv, and dont ever shut down ur blog! ur blog is the truth! i remember when @ one tme i was doing my myspace blog,xanga,this one, and doing posts on a frins site, buh i had to let that go, and focues on noticias, maybe ill start a personal blog when i go off to "real university" complete w/ pics of frins, comments all that shih

Anonymous said...

Don't you go anywhere......

"cause I will find youuuu!"

-from Wedding Crashers!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the luv. You just make sure you keep doin' you.

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks babe for shouting me out..YOU"RE ON MY BLOGROLL OH!!!! lol.. I love how angry I sound when i use Capital Letters... hehe. Naijadude is partially right..I honestly Did think of givin up my blog... and it was because of something that'came to bite me in the ass'.. but good thing I have a very good physician... I'm completely mended... so I'm brand new and back in full force!!! I really appreciate the shoutout though.. i love your blog too... Have a great week luv... I don't know all the other bloggers except Aihammed(miss him) and Dissilusioned(bloody miss her)... but I guess we all have different reasons for starting and different reasons for stopping.. I just hope we don't stop anytime soon... I stil have so much shit to talk about/deal with...

I-go-Talk said...

Hey, please don't stop blogging. I love reading your stuff! Love your style.

Coffey said...

Thanks for the mention!
I do enjoy reading your feedback on my blog, as much as I enjoy reading your posts on your own!

The Mistress said...

What a touching tribute!

I think bloggers are some of the most honest in their writing because of the anonymity factor.

It sucks when people up and quit blogging after you've formed an attachment!

lovelyjd said...

thanks for stopping by...and i have started a couple blogs and discontinued....but i think maybe 2 people missed my writing (including me) :)

alissa said...

kim is not missing in action... she's having trouble with the coding of her blog (or some shit like that) and should return in the near future.

btw, is that you in that picture? very pretty.

TDJ said...

Good post! I discovered your blog a few weeks ago and I've been enjoying reading. Thanks for visiting my blog and for the comments.

Anonymous said...

Awe. Girl, you almost made me cry. Your soo sweet babes. I'm sorry i havent been writing everyday. I'll do my best to post as often as possible. Wow, i never really thought my blog would be a favorite. Love ya babes! Muahz!

Anonymous said...

Keeping up a blog is a fulltime job!

beautyinbaltimore said...

@alissa- No that is not my picture. That picture is of Liya Kabade, the top black model of the moment. She was on Oprah's show last season.
@lovelymonami- You are not lying.
@Pussycatbitch- Why not, you write very well. I will contiue to visit your blog.
@ tdj- I love your blog also. I think I found your blog through some link from another blog.
@ lovelyjd- If you ever deceide to stop blogging again please give us a goodbye note.
@ the mistress- YOu said it.
@coffey- YOu know how much I enjoy your blog. Thats why whenever you take a while to write a new post I ask
you to update.
@ I-go-talk- I will be around at the very least until May 29,2007. That will mark my one year anniversary.

beautyinbaltimore said...

@ yakeennajachick- Blogging regulary takes some time to get use to.
@Najidude- Your welcome. I'm so happy that she did not run away.
@chiefo-thank you
@afro jamaico-I'm waiting on that second blog.
@Divine- I'm here to stay(at least until May).
@always funky fresh- Thank you, I am.

Anonymous said...
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