Saturday, July 15, 2006

Guess What?

I slept with the swinger friend on Wednesday night. It was not what I expected. He was okay in bed but he did not rock my bells. I was certainly expecting more. I am beginning to think that maybe I just don't enjoy sex. Why, I am not quite sure. Maybe it is because I am on birth control and it has disturbed my sexual appetite. Or maybe it is just not in my nature to be a very sexual person. The swinger friend was the first person that I had sex with who I was not in a relationship with so I wonder if that is why I did not enjoy it with him. Then again I never really enjoyed it with any of my ex's either, so maybe not. I can honestly say that he put in a great deal of effort thought. He was definitely not a lazy man in bed. Yes , he licked it and put his all into it. Another problem, I don't think he was the 8 and 3/4 quarter inches that he said. He was probably more like 6 inches but he was very thick. I am now up to four sexual partners. I am thinking maybe I should try it with two more people. If I do not enjoy sex after the next two then maybe I should just forget about sex for now. I know a few people said I should wait until I am in a relationship before I have sex again, but you know what. I am so happy I did not have a relationship with this guy. I would have been very angry with him for wasting my time. Anyway, that's all for now . I post again on Monday.


Errata said...

Duncey, thats what you GET!

Once bitten your ass better be twice shy. So what if you dont like the second one? You'll hop to it again right? HAHH! Please, try KULUTEMPA! lol

Sex is more than just physical, its more emotional. sex with LOVE is the greatest thing you can ever have. Love you, love him, then love yourselves.

Theres something missing in you deep inside thats why youre seeking to open your legs wide.
Open something else, open up to yourself, whats really hurting you whats really on your mind, is there a lost love you had that youre trying to find?

What did your parents do, to show you they loved you, how many friends do you have close to you boo? Seek a hobby thats worthy, something a little less dirty, to make you happy inside, give you a little more pride.

If youre out there feeling lonely,

Anonymous said...

@ errata - PLease give the chick a break. Some people are not holy rollers like you. At least this lady can say that she remained pure until she was 21 years old. Can you? Not everyone has suffered some type of abuse. There are some people who just like to experiment and have fun.

aihammed delot said...

the bottom line is this. Unless you're a person who'se 100% comfortable with one night stands (and obviously, you're not) then you're never really going to enjoy them (regardless of what the man's cock size is). do you think all the girls in the porn videos getting banged by lex steele actually enjoy it cos he's got a 14 in penis?
you've admitted that your two ex's we're crap in bed, and you've also admitted that even though this guy put the effort in and did all he could, he didnt rock your boat. put two and two together. "You" need to have some sort of emotional connection with whoever you're screwing to really really enjoy it. imagine if you loved this guy snd he performed like he did - you'd probably be over the moon.
i'm not saying everyone can only enjoy sex if they're in relationships - it just sounds to me like you need an emotional attachment before anyone can really "rock your boat"

alissa said...

despite being little miss safety...
i agree with anonymous.

and i agree more with aihammed delot.

guess i've got nothing of substance to add here. have a good weekend! =)

Big Bad Vodoo Mommy said...

Dont do it again "period"!!!!!!

And I second what errata and Delot said. Having sex with partners you are not emotionally attached to is clearly not working for you. I am sure there are nice wholesome "meat packing"( large male membered) guys in B'more. Please darlin' stop the swinging..

LA GIRLIE said...

how is this swinging? swinging I thought is when people in a committed relationship swap with others in a committed relationship in a confined space and play together. This sounds like a hook up to me. I guess I must have missed something..I thought u were single?

beautyinbaltimore said...

@ La Girlie- I am very much single and I am not a swinger. The guy and his wife are.
@ errata- I understand that you are very religious. I have no problem with that. I on the otherhand am not. I do not believe that sex is a dirty thing. I beleive that it is something for human beings to enjoy in a responsible manner(Condoms AND Birth control).

@ delot- It was not a one night stand. I've known the guy for over a year now. I don't think I have it in me to meet a guy and two hours later go somewhere and sleep with him. I am to afraid that he might be a serial killer or rapist. Since I have been in relationships before, I realize that there is more to good sex than love. It takes good technique too.
@ big bad vodoo mama- I was emotionally attached to my first three sex partners. They were my boyfriends. I belevie that it takes something more than love to have a good sexual encounter. Hence my decision to find a friend with benefits.

Nneka's World said...

Hey channel! I guess i missed the party! Been too busy.

Anyway in order to enjoy sex, you have to be very comfortable in your skin and as well comfortable with the person you are having it with.*My friend told me this*

Also emotions help you enjoy it, but there are some men that are generally crap! "2Minute wonders!!"
Even if you are emotionally into them. You can teach him how to make it pleasurable for you, some men actually take directions.

Anonymous said...


Honey your are young and ready to cum. That is part of being 20somenting. Do you. But remember that the conquest is usually not worth it. Of the lovers I have had over the years only 2 or 3 are actually worth mentioning. And, only 1 or 2 was I genuinely in love with (when I look back at most, it was more lust and possessiveness than love).

Do you, but do it with an open mind that the 80/20 rule in always in effect. 80% of men are either ill equipped for fucking or hav weak skills in the sack. And, 20% will rock your damn world! And, that 20% is as rare as a black diamond!

Errata said...

wassup cha
Im glad you didnt get hyper defensive and Im honestly not that super religious BUT I do tend to look at things from that perspective.

Like someone else said, your hormones are raging, and like your latest blog insists, youre BORED!
Been there, ran it!

How often do you/have you masturbate.. maybe you need to explore yourself more. Like I said before, everything you do or dont feel emanates from within. So get to diggin!

Life through rose-tinted glasses said...

hey babe so u finally did it i'm a little late cos i was busy . so u didnt like or enjoy it hmmm anyway all i can say is better luck next time.

ps: i appreciate ur forthrightness and honesty. refreshing

The Stiltwalker said...

4? I'm over 50. damn.

beautyinbaltimore said...

@ stiltwalker- I am so far behind most women my age.I know women you are much younger than me who have had more partners.

Anonymous said...

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